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Mighty Fortress Church Welcomes Everyone

Posted on January 10, 2018 in Community

Those who are looking for a church to attend where they will be welcomed no matter how they are dressed will find that Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, MN is a good choice for them. This church shares on their website that they allow people to come as they are to worship with them. They do not believe that a person has to dress a certain way to get into a church, they allow anyone to come to their church in casual clothing and to worship in a casual way. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

There are some who would like to go to a church where they will be able to worship and be encouraged. Mighty Fortress Church is a church that claims to encourage those who come to their services on a weekly basis. This church and those who are a part of it work to help those who attend services to leave feeling encouraged and happy. This church welcomes everyone in the community to come and be a part of all that they are doing and to leave feeling encouraged and ready to take on life. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress Church is led by Bishop T. R. Williams. This man is someone who has a heart for his congregation and those living in the area around his church. This man has been involved in the ministry for over thirty years and he has done much good work in that time. Bishop T. R. Williams is the senior pastor at Mighty Fortress Church, and he is someone who was part of the founding of this church. He is married and is the father of three children. He gives himself to his family, but he also gives himself to his community, to his God, and to Mighty Fortress Church and all those who are a part of it.

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