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Michelle Obama Gives Princeton Students a Word of Wisdom and Pictures from her Past

Posted on July 8, 2018 in Education Education News Michelle Obama

Senior Princeton students recently graduated this past May. During their graduation ceremony they were visited by former first lady Michelle Obama. She had encouraged the students to be brave and don’t give up on their schooling. Mrs. Obama also told them that she was scared during her college years.

Mrs. Obama attended Princeton in the early 1980s. She was one of a few black students on the campus at the time. She was also the first-generation college student in her family. The former first lady first few years at Princeton was very tough. While things were challenging for her at Princeton, she did not give in to her situation. Instead, she gained support and made friends. She also did her best to fit in. Eventually, Mrs. Obama made progress and settled into the school.

The Huffington Post featured an article about this story back in May of 2018. During her lecture to Princeton students, Mrs. Obama shared with them some past photos from her life. She is now 54-years-old and she showed the audience pictures from her youth. In one photo, Mrs. Obama is standing on a couch with her dad and mom. She was no older than 6 or 7 in the picture. The former first lady said that she learned a lot about life from her mom and dad. She stated that her mom taught her how to think for herself and to use her voice. She credited her dad for teaching her how to laugh often, work hard and to keep her word.

Another important message that she gave to students was that they should not use excuses not to complete their schooling. Getting an education is very important because it helps to improve a person’s quality of life. Mrs. Obama wanted the students to succeed and to become productive members of society and strong supporters in their family. She also told the students that she would be sharing more photos from her life with them. She did this for inspiration and to show them that anyone can make it in life.