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Market America CEO JD Ridinger

Posted on August 22, 2017 in Business Business Leader digital marketing

James Howard Ridinger and his wife Lauren Ridinger were top performing Amway distributors. In 1992 they decided to found Market America. They headquartered Market America in Greensboro North Carolina. Within 9 years of founding Market America, JD Ridinger, Market America CEO, employed over 650 workers. JD designed his company to be a multi-level marketing company that would become solely internet based. His company now distributes products to several countries around the world.


Market America CEO JD Ridinger and his wife Lauren aim to offer a wide variety of products that their consumer base will enjoy. Market America retails jewlery, clothing, household goods, health and wellness products, pet products, auto care, dietary supplements, water purifiers, coffees and other products. JD bought the domain name shop.com from microsoft, this domain acquisition enables for all of his products to be bought from one online store.


In 2008, Jd Ridinger announced that he was able to acquire iMirus. This acquisition resulted in the production of a Market America Newsstand. Newspapers, books and magazines were now available through Market America in both digital and print formats.


JD and his wife Lauren currently live in Miami Beach Florida. They enjoy spending their summers in New York and visiting with their two daughters Amanda and Amber. JD is a family man who also a proud grandfather of two grandchildren Ayden and Ayva and when he isn’t working he enjoys spending time with them.