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Marc Sparks: The Intelligent Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Posted on October 23, 2017 in Business Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a visionary entrepreneur whom through his hard work, commitment, and expertise has helped dozens of companies rise to become huge successes. He is well renowned for his unique approach to handling business. Among his many establishments is the Timber Creek Capital where he heads the company. Marc’s love for business has seen him establish numerous enterprises from their foundations, struggle with them till the top and then move to the next challenge.

Marc believes that any good business idea can outlive its vision. Many young entrepreneurs get lost in their ideas due to lack of capital or start-ups. He is dedicated to helping start-up businesses with the capital needed if the idea seems like it can hatch into something successful. Although risky, Marc is gifted in identifying good businesses; he has been successful as a venture capitalist. Apart from providing capital, he also offers mentorship that comes in handy in the business’ growth.

Marc Sparks has been a favorite of most companies due to his high intelligence in the business world. That way they get to strengthen their presence at business scenes and actualize on their sales goals. Some of the firms that associate with Marc include Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Blue Jay Wireless. With the companies mentioned above, you might realize that Marc has been widely involved in the telecommunication industry.

Marc Sparks has also gathered experience in the field of real estate, venture investment, and business solutions. Apart from business ventured Marc has been widely known for his extensive philanthropy in Dallas where his home is situated. Marc believes in creating a better place than he found it, he has therefore diverted his efforts into helping the community. Marc sponsors a homeless shelter known as Samaritan Inn. He began participating in Samaritan Inn in the late 80’s and has never looked back. He also partners with Habitat for Humanity which is an organization dedicated to building small and affordable homes for the homeless people. Marc supports the organization American Can Academy which is a program for high schools in Dallas. He volunteers both his money and time.

Marc Sparks developed an interest in writing a few years ago. He started writing a book with the title “They Can’t Eat You” which entails on his journey in the business world. The book’s goal touches on Marc’s inability to top in classes that most people thought were too essential but managed to become one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. He goes further to provide insights to young or new entrepreneurs on what it is like to handle a company and how to make a business successful. He also outlines a few of his successes, failures, and the tips he picked on his journey. Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000