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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Inspires

Posted on November 8, 2017 in Business Cosmetics Industry Inspirational Women Women in Business

Doe Deere is a special lady. She not only is the founder of Lime Crime, a fun cosmetics line, but she is one of those people you can look at and instantly know that they are on the path meant for them. She is as bright as a rainbow – literally. Doe can be seen sporting hot pink hair with blue lips one day, and then long purple locks and bold mauve lips the next. Cosmetics are her true gift in life and through Lime Crime, she shared that gift with women all over the world.


She recently sat down with Guest of a Guest to give her advice as a successful entrepreneur on how to achieve your dreams. I was moved at what she noted was her best advice, a saying that holds true for all ages. She advised to simply follow your heart. She spoke about the special gift each person is born with that makes them unlike anyone else in the world. Doe says that by getting in touch with yourself and “going where you love,” you are able to achieve your dreams and goals.


The story of Lime Crime’s inception came because she followed her own path. She says that she has always gravitated towards bright, fun colors in her style and makeup. She shared an interesting story of her and her young girlfriends playing a game that shows she has always had a knack for makeup. Doe felt that the game wouldn’t be complete until they painted their faces with bright paint and wore wild long skirts.


Living in New York City in 2008, Doe was frustrated that she wasn’t able to find high quality makeup products in bright, bold colors. The “nude” look was in and women were wearing beige colors. Instead of settling for low quality makeup or changing her style, she simply founded Lime Crime one day. She brought the domain name and then pushed forward to bring her company to life.


Today, Lime Crime is a company about as unique as they come. The line of cosmetics includes brightly colored lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders. Lime Crime’s fan base, who call themselves “unicorns,” have been described as cult like. They have dubbed Doe “Queen of the Unicorns.” One look at her and you can tell that the name is a sure fit.


Her sound advice to follow where your true self is taking you is incredibly inspiring. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/doedeereofficial