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Kim Dao Checks Out Unique Korean Skincare Products

Posted on September 25, 2017 in Youtube Celebrities Youtube Stars Youtubers Youtube Celebrities

YouTube’s lifestyle and beauty vlogger, Kim Dao introduces her viewers to a whole new set of interesting skincare products. These products were plucked from her recent trip to South Korea and each one is unique, unconventional and flat out weird. Kim Dao absolutely loves Korea’s innovation when it pertains to beauty, she feels that the country always come out with unique stuff. The product Kim Dao introduces is called the “Black Luster Mask” from the brand, Milky Dress. This product is a magnetic mud mask that appears to be a bit oily texture-wise but Kim willingly applies it on her face and leaves it on for a couple of minutes. The product itself is suppose to revitalize skin, remove imperfections, evens out skin tone, refine pores, deep cleanse and so much more. The fun begins when Kim Dao uses the handy magnet to fully remove the mud mask clean off of her face.


Next up, Kim dao reveals the ultimate blackhead remover named “Tako Pack” from Nightingale. It’s has three-step process to remove those unruly blackheads and the packaging features a cute cartoon octopus using its tentacles to pull away a girl’s blackhead. The product comes with a cleaning solution you must apply before the facial strip-pad. When it came time to remove the pad, she had quite a painful experience but the results surprised her because she stated that her pores were far too small to have any clogging. The Tako Pack proved her wrong and the hydration pad that’s part of the process left her in awe. Learn more: https://www.odigo.jp/profile/kimdao