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James River Capital: Providing Key Advice to Refine Leadership Abilities

Posted on October 29, 2018 in Business Finance Money

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, James River Capital Corp. is an independent investment firm that specializes in providing several investment services including that of investment advice, commodity trading, and the management of business investments. Originally founded in 1986 under the name KP Futures Management Corporation, James River initially operated upon reserve as the optional investment division of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. Yet, it wasn’t until 1995 that James River Capital acquired the title of being independent after the two chief officers over the division (Paul Sanders and Kevin Brandt) took over the firm from Kidder. Today, James River holds the professional distinction of having accrued and currently managing over $570 million in products. Learn more: https://twitter.com/jamesriver_cc


Furthermore, in addition to administering premier investment advice, James River Capital also takes pride in being leading experts in fostering qualities of prestigious leadership. As of recent, the company released an article detailing three key ways to improve one’s style of leadership. According to James River, the three important tips entail supporting your team, encouraging your team, and listening.


When it comes to managing a team, rather than using the term “lead” or approaching situations with a detached attitude, the company calls for all leaders to try encompassing the term “support” instead. As related by James River, the term “support” takes away the negative connotation from the term “lead” and makes the team feel as if each member is equally important and authoritative within their individual task management. Moreover, choosing to implement support over lead not only changes how much more inclusive team members view their lead/manager, but it also changes the leader’s viewpoint on the significance of their role.


In terms of providing encouragement, this second key piece of advice ties into the first being that if a leader chooses to support a team, then the leader is also providing encouragement within the team by allowing the team members to freely express their professional ideas within the workplace. By not always assuming total control over projects or solely enforcing one’s own vision, the leader provides encouragement through the freedom and availability of opportunities. The leader also executes encouragement by personally expressing appreciation for a team member’s adequate/exceptional work. As mentioned by James River, not only does encouragement promote increased productivity, but it also nurtures stability in psychological health.


Lastly, James River Capital advises leaders to respect each and every one of their teams’ opinions. Rather than allowing some outspoken people within the team to always voice their opinions into being utilized, the company suggests for team leaders to tally and keep track of the opinions/ideas of all members so that the creative voices of even the quiet team members can be heard. In doing so, all members will feel valued as an essential member of the team.