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How Oren Frank is Improving Therapy for Those in Need

Posted on November 7, 2018 in Mental Illnesses

Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace, is quickly becoming one of the most prominent CEO’s in the country. It’s all because of his therapy app, designed to be used online or as a mobile app. As healthcare has continued to evolve, programs like Virtual Visit, or Health Tap, have inspired the development and birth of Talkspace. This unique app is designed to connect users to therapists when needed. How proficient can text therapy be? What are the implications and how much does it cost?

All things come with a price, and this includes the access one can get through the Talkspace app. Frank Oren, following the model of Doctor on Demand, this app will not only help users get a therapist on the line, but it will also help connect users with those who can write prescriptions. This is helpful in many ways, but one of the biggest challenges with individuals who need to talk to a therapist is their wait time, and getting an appointment when they need it most. There is a fee to use the app, after all, doesn’t Talkspace have to generate revenue?

There is a weekly fee of $49 to use the service, and there are now 1 million active users. Although the fee may seem high, it’s still considerably less than making an appointment to see a traditional therapist in the office. Frank Oren took an established model and used it to create the most innovative way of opening up a conversation on mental health. Once users fill out their profile they can be quickly matched with a therapist that best suits their needs.

There are now various plans available with Talkspace to meet the needs of anyone who is interested in using it. Couples therapy is also available for those who are seeking help with their relationship. It seems that Frank Oren thought of everything when he began to create the gateway for individuals to find the right therapist.