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Head of U.S. Education Department Cuts Loan Relief for Defrauded Students

Posted on February 5, 2018 in Education Education News Public Education Public Education Systems US Education System

Thanks to Betsy DeVos, the newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Education (since 2017), the Department of Education will be significantly cutting the amount of funding allocated for student loan relief for students defrauded by their chosen schools in an attempt to cut the cost to U.S. tax payers for something she deems as unjustified. In comparison to the policies of the Obama administration (who offered total loan relief) it is a major change as some students will no longer be able for any sort of forgiveness. At the same time, DeVos is quoted as having made the statement, “No fraud is acceptable, and students deserve relief if the school they attended acted dishonestly, this improved process will allow claims to be adjudicated quickly and harmed students to be treated fairly.” The new process which the Education Department is planning on fully implementing will supposedly combat the much too easily obtainable “free money” (as stated by DeVos herself) that the previous administration made possible for students who were mislead by their schools about the over-all costs of their schooling and degrees. Tens of thousands of students received forgiveness last year, the numbers for the coming year are sure to be much lower as the new system will be based on income. In example, a student who makes two thirds more money than their peers who also attended similar programs will receive relief for only one third of their over-all debt instead of the total amount as they would have been entitled to under the old system and a student who only earns half as much as their peers will receive relief for half of their debt.