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Fortress Investment Group was Formed to Assist Customers through Customer-Based Services

Posted on October 25, 2018 in Businessman Financial Expert

Fortress Investment Group is a model organization that operates in wealth management industry. The company has been in existence for almost three decades offering quality services in investment management. One of the key concept about the company is its agenda of being a customer-based organization that is geared towards offering quality services to the customers. Company was found at a period when quality customer services was not a mandate for the company.

In fact, during the late 1990s, when Randal Nardone found Fortress Group, it is the customers who had the utmost duty of serving their organizations. It was like they were getting a favor by choosing the company as its investment manager. However, the founder of this organization saw that this was not the best method through which organizations should be operating. As an employee of a hedge fund organization, Randal decided to channel his path of string his own investment company.

This is the reason as to why Fortress Investment Group came into the market. The company started strategizing on how it will be dealing with customer enquiries, customer requests, and customer complaints. Prior to this period, no company was willing to take responsibilities for its own mistakes. Therefore, by agreeing to take responsibilities and come up with solutions, Fortress Investment Group resembled a company that a significant number of customers had never seen. To know more about the company click here.

The second strategy that the company implemented was ensuring that it had a customer care department, which was specifically made and staffed with qualified members of the necessary tools and equipment to deal with customer complaints. To make the department easy to access, the company ensured that it was based in ground floor of its apartment. This means that every person intending to get any services would get without much movement.

Besides offering customer services at the ground floor, the founder, Randal Nardone, decided to operate in the ground floor and meet with the customers on a daily basis. Fortress Investment Group through is customer care department and dedicated staff became the leading organization in terms of customers investing with the entity and the one seeking investment advice. The company has continued with its excellent customer services to date.