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Fabletics is a Perfect Fit

Posted on November 30, 2017 in Fashion

If you have a TV, it is likely you have seen Kate Hudson in a commercial for her company Fabletics. But what you may not know is that this new activewear line has grown to a $250 million dollar company in the past three years with the help of its subscription style service and its reverse showrooming. Fabletics has found a way to turn browsing into a positive by encouraging their customers to shop in store or online, retail has become part of the shopping experience. Fabletics isn’t concerned about whether their customer buys instore because their retail brick and mortar stores are just another element of their service. They also make the transition between in person and online shopping seamless by placing items in your online shopping cart when you try it on in the store. Fabletics reports that 30%-50% of the people who browse their stores are already members and 25% of non-members become members. Fabletics is also using their consumer data to cater each store to their existing members.


Kate Hudson had been heavily involved with Fabletics since the founders of the TechStyle Fasion Group approached her to be their partner in their new athleisure brand. Their hopes were to create a brand that was stylish, but also reasonably priced and they knew Kate would be the perfect fit. Kate is not just the face of the brand but actually reviews budgets, is involved in design, and looks at the sales numbers each week. Kate has been striving to create activewear that encourages women of all shapes and sizes to workout and be active, and she proved this through adding plus sizes to the line earlier this year. Kate understands that you can’t please everyone and the company has faced a lot of negative feedback but has stayed true to its business model and continues to be a pioneer in its market. For just $49 dollars a month, a member receives an entire outfit that fits their personal style and preferences.


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