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Every Day Life with Secures Technologies

Posted on October 3, 2016 in Inmate Communication App

In its simplest of terms, being part of a family means that you are involved and you interact often with those you love. Life does happen and people are away from their family but that does not mean that they cannot still be involved in the everyday lives of those they care about the most. Even if someone has been sent away due to a prison sentence, technology offered by Securus Technologies allows families to stay in touch no matter where they are.


When you are in prison you are unable to visit with your family as often as you normally would. Sometimes your family is not able to come and visit due to any number of reasons. But with video visitation, all that is needed for a visit is a computer and a webcam. No need for long drives and standing in lines to see loved ones. Both sides are now able to connect with each other on another level that was not possible in the recent past.


Fathers can now attend the birthday parties of their children. Mothers can now sing happy birthday to their sons and see him at the same time. Husbands and wives can see and communicate with each other on a regular basis. Friends and family can stay connected and stay involved in their lives no matter where they are. While life goes on, both sides are able to be there for each other even when one side is incarcerated.


Securus Technologies is a technology giant that was founded in 1986. They have established a large team of technologists, inventors, engineers and thinkers who are responsible for developing and implementing all of the technology that they create. Securus Technologies works with 3,400 law enforcement agencies across the country. They also work with over 1.2 million inmates across 48 states. Securus is always trying it find ways to improve their technology and thinks of new ways to keep families connected.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.