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Dr. Mark McKenna: Instant Aesthetics

Posted on September 17, 2018 in Business CEO Cosmetic Cosmetics Industry Doctors Entrepreneur Medical Real Estate

There is a lot going on in the world of technology. Every single day new products and enhancements are introduced onto the market. People are finding the trials of daily life to be eased of substantial burdens thanks to the usage of such technology. As people become more technologically savvy with each generation, technological pairings that once were considered taboo seem to be an exceptional idea. When smartphone technology was first introduced it is unclear whether creators thought about the medical applications that it would have. In fact, the app technology that is present on most smartphone and mobile devices is going to be an exceptional helper in the field of medicine.

One person that sees the opportunities available in the medical field as Dr. Mark McKenna. His article “The Future of On Demand Apps with Dr. S Mark Mckenna” discusses why applications are going to be a major part of the medical culture. At this time, Dr. Mark McCanna has his own company OVME, focused on medical ascetics, that relies heavily on app technology. After patients attended an initial visit in the office they can then schedule home visits through an application service on their mobile devices. This allows them to receive medical care at a time that is more convenient for them. It has proven to be a very successful and well-received option for people looking to benefit from medical ascetics.

Throughout much of his career, Dr. Mark McKenna has been committed to the integration of technology into the medical field. He believes that it will allow more medical professionals to have access to patients who would not normally be able to afford a medical visit or access a physician. His use of the technology in the medical aesthetics field does not mean that it does not have widespread usage potential in other markets. It is Dr. Mark McKenna’s hope that as technology continues to grow more medical professionals take on the opportunity to utilize it. Dr. Mark McKenna believes that in order to provide the best possible medical care professionals need to be willing to change their approach to new technologies and the care of their patients.