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Dr. Dov Rand: Combining different programs to resolve weight-loss and anti-aging

Posted on September 11, 2018 in Business Education Education News

Dov Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging medical Center, a facility that resolves medical conditions related to aging. He integrates hormone therapy with other treatments. The treatment plans that he offers leaves his patients with a hormonal balance that is equal to levels of healthy individuals. This kind of treatment lowers the effects and chances of secondary symptoms. This impact will add to the general health of the patient. Effects such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia which normally accompany many medical conditions can be reduced significantly or eliminated entirely. Dr. Dov Rand combines the hormone balance program with diet and exercises programs to attain natural healing of the patients.

Weight Loss

Some of the conditions he resolves are anti-aging and weight reduction. By integrating nutrition therapies and other supportive plans, the metabolic functions will improve and result in weight-loss. Each of his patients is given a personalized medical plan depending on his or her condition.


Dov Rand offers a variety of solutions to the problems that people face. Some people suffer weight-gain due to factors such as menopause. Such people need a different type of approach in their treatment. All treatments that will lead to weight loss are offered by Dr. Rand.


Dov Rand is an expert on anti-aging treatment. He understands the treatment of this condition based on analysis. Under the right conditions, aging can be slowed down or by reversing the effects of the aging causing substance in human body. He explains the process to his patients so that they can understand what is happening to the bodies and also so that they can resolve the outstanding issues that they have.</p>

Integrated hormonal therapies


Hormone therapy is the core treatment method that Dr. Dov Rand uses in his weight-loss and anti-aging treatment. These treatments methods can be extremely beneficial to the people. The therapies that he uses are patented with other supportive programs. So, his patients do not only benefit from the hormones control; they also benefit from exercises treatment and diet programs. When all these programs are combined, there are little chances that they treatment will fail.