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Doe Deere, Innovator and Beauty

Posted on August 18, 2016 in CEO's Women in Business

Do dreams really come true when a creative spirit tries to make a mark in the highly competitive world of beauty? In the case of Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, the answer has to be a resounding yes. Doe Deere launched her own makeup brand in 2008 in response to the very beige colors she saw coming out of the major cosmetics lines at the time. Deere loves bright colors in a big way, and she was determined to bring color back to makeup, and then some.

Deere started Lime Crime in 2008, after creating her own fashion line on eBay. She used what she learned from her first online company (as well as her love of bold color) to create her unique cosmetics brand.

A Rock and Roll Vibe

The looks from Lime Crime are unique and very bold. They speak to women who love to really make a statement with their beauty by wearing bold colors. The long-lasting wear of these lipsticks is also part of their appeal. Lime Crime makeup is being compared very favorably to other famous brands (like the Kardashian line) that is sold for a much higher price point. Bringing beauty to women in a way that’s affordable is another major achievement for Lime Crime.

Using The Internet

Doe Deere has been a true innovator in her work with Lime Crime. She started the company via website, and today the brand has over 2 million followers on her interactive page on Instagram. Lime Crime users love uploading photos of themselves wearing the makeup onto the page, and as the photos are shared, the word about Lime Crime grows ever more, even as more followers are added.

Colors That Are Bold

There’s no question that Doe Deere’s use of color with this brand is innovative. The Unicorn Lip Color line features a range of colors that includes bright blue, green, yellow, orange, black and many shades of purple, pink and red. These colors are unusual, but they blend beautifully with the eye makeup and blushes also from Lime Crime. Doe Deere wears these colors continually, and her look is truly stunning.

Can dreams of creating an innovative beauty company that really speaks to women come true? In the case of Lime Crime, the answer is definitely yes.

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