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Digital Transformation Trending In Public Education

Posted on August 12, 2017 in Digital Transformation Education Public Education

Digital transformation is impacting every industry today, and this includes the public educational trends too. This is because the educators realize the benefits of bringing in technology to the classroom in case of public education. With digital transformation, educators are making rapid changes with regard to the way they instruct, assess, and even do the physical set-up of their lecture rooms. Besides, all this is taking place at a very fast rate. These trends are making a major impact on student learning.

Educators realize that students are not sitting quietly at their places any more. This is why educational technology has made public education collaborative as well as interactive. This is why augmented, and virtual reality is the transformative technology being used in public education. This helps in enhancing teacher instruction. It also creates immersive lessons. These can be fun as well as engaging for the students. With virtual reality, the outside world is coming into the classroom. There are apps being used in public education that transport students to some other part of the world or in some other time frame.

This way virtual reality can increase visual literacy in public education. It leads to technology literacy too. The possibilities of technology being able to transform classrooms are simply endless.

Now students do not have to go to their technology lab in order to access a computer or a laptop. Now classroom sets of computers are making their presence felt in cases of public education. All this has become possible due to federal funding. Now there are several grants and donations that allow fitting classrooms with iPads and laptops for students. The number of such classrooms continues to grow. There is an increased focus on public education on programs teaching digital skills. The online environment has pervaded everywhere. It is providing exciting possibilities to all.