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Charlamagne Tha God Doesn’t Mind Criticism

Posted on September 25, 2018 in Author Charlamagne Tha God Media Influencer Radio Host TV Personality


Rap music is special, unique, and difficult to write. Rappers attempt to capture each thought, find the best angle, make it personal, compile it, and perfect it. Eminem released his album, Kamikaze, in which he criticized The Breakfast Club and Charlamagne tha God. Charlamagne is a well-known radio host and author who talks about pop culture and social issues. He recently criticized Eminem’s use of a homophobic slur against Tyler the Creator. Eminem said on his album that Charlamagne was gonna hate on him no matter what he said.

Charlamagne didn’t think of the lyrics as a diss, but instead felt that Eminem must have been thinking about his criticisms for a long time. He thinks it is cool when someone gets immortalized on record. He thinks Eminem is one of the greatest lyricists. Eminem also targeted Joe Budden and Drake.

Charlamagne’s legal name is Lenard Larry McKelvey. Charlamagne Tha God wrote “Shook One” and the New York Times bestseller “Black Privilege.”

He also owns CTHAGodWorld LLC. Platforms gain credibility and recognition when they are called out by talented people. It is like when an angry customer writes a review that is critical of a business. It may make the business worry about the impact on its sales and the effect on the brand’s image. To deal with the problem, the business needs to figure out how to handle the situation. Visit This Page to learn more.

Never ignore the problem, but instead respond professionally and responsibly. Next, shift the narrative and take the high road to show that the brand is trustworthy. This will lower the risk of losing customers and improve the chances of gaining new ones. If a person is getting negative feedback, try using humor. Charlamagne Tha God doesn’t hate, but he tells the truth.


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