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Cardiologist Edward Honig of NYC – Exceptional Medical Advice and Innovation

Posted on July 21, 2017 in Public Education


Perhaps you’ve heard of NYC’s own Edward Honig, cardiologist and lover of human hearts alike. This exceptional specialist and senior leader in healthcare continues to change the global atmosphere for the good, even at his ripe age of 90 years old. This man is a living testimony of all that one can do when he is committed to change. Lasting change in New York’s cardiology field is what this one man has brought in his 66 years of service thus far; but wait, he’s still not finished as he claims that these efforts are only the beginning and that his best days lie ahead of him. We will see with great anticipation.


Honig currently works for NYC’s Glen Cove Hospital, a place where miracles are known to happen and where a healed heart is never too far away. Glen Cove has likewise been in the business for several decades and holds its own a revolutionary leader for change in the East Coast’s health system as well as in multiple specialized cardiovascular fields; just like Honig, this institution claims that its best work is still to be done and that there’s always one more life to save. Neither Honig nor Glen Cove waste any time or mess around; both are serious pillars in the business, according to Fundacity.


Cardiologists, in general, may review any number of abnormalities that occur within one’s heart and its surrounding valves and arteries – areas that require the utmost in skilled professionals and care. Any slight abnormal heart beat or rhythm can mean the end for anyone, so that’s why it’s also important to have your heart checked regularly by a doctor – and to take plenty of vitamins and supplements every day. The best providers for healthy heart circulation and blood flow include Cheerios, Garden of Life products, Omega 3, 6, 9 and more. Check with your primary care physician to see what he or she recommends for you as each patient is different.


Renaissance Man

Invasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, clinical cardiology and rehabilitative cardiology are but a few of the many types that exist, and the best part follow: Dr. Honig has both seen and treated each specialty at some point in his life. He truly is a Renaissance man in cardiology. In other words, he is a jack of all trades.