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Avaaz, A New Model For Advocacy

Posted on June 21, 2018 in Community Technology

Avaaz is an online website that has created a global community focused on helping to empower everyday people to take action on pressing global, national, and regional issues. Avaaz uses a model of internet organizing to bring together thousands of individual efforts, combining them into a force for change. The word Avaaz is derived from several European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages meaning voice. Avaaz gives a voice to people from all walks of life allowing them to impact significant world problems such as corruption, global warming and climate change, poverty, starvation, and famine.

Avaaz has taken new technology and adapted it so that a single global team can respond to any public issue of concern with speed, efficiency, adaptability, and scale. Unlike previous international citizens groups, this connected single team model allows Avaaz to avoid the necessity of having to build constituencies over time with national and special interest groups. The Avaaz online community acts as a siren call to call attention to new and pressing issues. It serves as a lightning rod to direct public awareness of a specific targeted problem or situation. The work of Avaaz plants a seed of advocacy and action with people that is tailored as much to address the particular issue, considering the geographic location and culture.

Every year Avaaz conducts all-member polls to set overall priorities. It also leads weekly polls of 10,000 members regarding campaign ideas and initiatives. Avaaz campaigns that reach the attention of the full membership can take on significant momentum with hundreds of thousands of members becoming active within days or hours.

Avaaz is 100 percent member funded, and democratic values anchor the core of its mandate. Avaaz has no allegiance to an external government or corporation, and it will not accept donations from governments or corporations.

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