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An Interview Between Idea Mensch and Imran Haque

Posted on November 15, 2017 in Doctors

Imran Haque is thought to be a leading practitioner of internal medicine in North Carolina, having practiced the trade for an astounding 16 years, and counting. He moved to North Carolina after realizing that many people in small, rural towns didn’t get the health care they deserved. As such, he moved to North Carolina after being a resident of Virginia for three years, with the towns he served in Virginia being very similar in size and tradition to those that he lives and practices in the Tar Heel state today.

Dr. Haque was nice enough to grant an interview to a journalist at Idea Mensch, a popular blog on the world wide web. He said many things about his personal, business, and medical life that many people did not already know, even his tons of patients that have stuck with him over the years, including those that first became one of his clients in 2001, when he moved to North Carolina to practice internal medicine.

Dr. Imran Haque was asked about a failure he had as a business owner – he owns Horizon Internal Medicine, a medical practice with two branches: one in Ramseur, the other in Asheboro, both in North Carolina. Dr. Haque shared that he had opened up a textile company in rural North Carolina shortly after he moved to North Carolina and earned enough money to open it up on his own financial endowment.

The textile business was later sold by Imran Haque because he did not have enough time to dedicate to both it and his medical career. Rather than trying to make both work, as many business owners do, he decided to stick solely to internal medicine, as it was – and has always been, and will be for the rest of his working life – his true passion.

Dr. Haque feels that the best strategy one should have in being a business owner, if not to hold throughout life, in general, is, per Dr. Imran Haque himself, “The Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish for them to treat you.”

Haque will practice in the Tar Heel state for many years to come.

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