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Aloha Construction Is Honored With The Torch Award

Posted on June 18, 2018 in Architecture Business Company

The prestigious Torch Award is presented by the Better Business Bureau each year to a company with exceptional ethical practices. The recipient for 2017 was Illinois Aloha Construction. They were selected for numerous reasons including their contributions to the local community. The Torch Award originated in 1996 to honor businesses demonstrating the best practices, social responsibility and leadership. The award holds the recipients to extremely high standards for ethics regarding employees, communities and customers. This award represents a very high honor.

A company must meet six different criteria to qualify for the Torch Award. The first is the demonstration by the leaders of ethical practices in their work and life. The second is a work culture must be enforced by the leaders with high character practices and ethics. They must communicate with their stakeholders and employees in accordance with these beliefs. The third is strong convictions must be demonstrated by the leaders to unite their company around their convictions.

The fourth qualification ensures the leaders management practices are highly competent and show high character. A commitment to the future must be apparent in their practices. Ethical practices for human resources establish the fifth qualification. These practices must show support for the staff members while offering the employees opportunities for development and growth. The sixth is the transfer of ethical commitment to the community. This requires an active engagement with the community and other organizations.

Aloha Construction takes pride in their excellent siding and roofing services. They were honored to receive this prestigious award. Aloha Construction has participated in a toy shopping spree with Learning Express to help local families. A twelve year old boy went to a Chicago Bulls game with eleven friends due to the generosity of Aloha Construction. They have helped children fighting cancer by making donations to the Illinois State University. Aloha Construction sponsored the Roselle Medinah softball and baseball organizations.

Aloha Construction not only cares about their community but they demonstrate the same level of care to their employees and customers. David Farbaky is the owner of this family owned business. The company has spent decades providing exceptional general contractor services.