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Addressing the Issues Facing the American Public Education System

Posted on December 11, 2017 in Public Education Public Education Systems

Students in the American public schools are not getting the quality educations they so deserve. While there is an alternative to private education, the highest percentage of the American children rely on public schools. The truth is that our students rank behind most of the 35 industrialized nations. We are lagging behind especially when it comes to Mathematics and Sciences, the core subjects that are crucial in the development of the industrial sector. So how do we fix the system?

Finding Better Teachers

Those that teach, they primarily influence the content of the student. Look at the state of our public workforce. When voids need replacement, express degree gets granted. As a result, our students lack qualified personnel which in turn reflects on their education. Also, during their training (teachers), the teaching programs are marketed to weaker students. Change can be achieved through training teachers efficiently, providing them with fair wages and excellent working conditions. Most importantly, they need to focus on the skill set they understand best.

Advancing Evaluating Tools

As we continue to ask our teachers to perform better, it is essential to consider how we evaluate them. Currently, we use standardized tests and subjective judgment which does nothing much to improve the situation.

Offering Alternatives to College

Modern students come with current expectations. However, if the contemporary system is ineffective, we can always adopt some of the traditional ideas as alternatives. Trade schools come a long way in improving the skills of our labor force.

Ditching Unnecessary Tests

It is evident that testing institutions have made our public schools their customers. As a result, students have continued to foot their bills year in year out. Students sit for over 15 tests in a year. As a fact, most of the tests are not in the curriculum. Most of them are done for the administration to satisfy requirements necessary to vie for public funding.

Acknowledge that we have a Problem

Finding a solution begins with acknowledging that there is a problem. Instead of arguing back and forth, that time can be used to come up with several fixes to the public education system.