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Academy of Art University’s Kendall Long

Posted on September 3, 2018 in Education

When the Bachelor in Paradise aired, it was instantly noticed by fans that Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” had chemistry. Fans love the flirtations between the two. It seems as though there is more in common between these two lovebirds than what is just aired on television. Kendall Long and her lover have been spotted out spending time together in California. California is Kendall Long’s home state and the place where she attended Academy of Art University.

Kendall Long is amongst many successful people who have made major moves after attending the Academy of Art University. Today, she is a television star that has captured the eyes of “Grocery Store Joe” and millions of weekly tv watchers. She builds momentum in the eyes of television fans due to how viewers are eager to know what will become of these two as they continue to make appearances together.

Academy of Art University is a leading art university. They are a prestigious university that has educated many minds and produced some of the greatest artists of the past century. This school has the facts to prove how effective they are with preparing people for careers in art. They are an advanced school with how they have been teaching students through their online education since 2002. They are an inclusive and diverse school with students from over one hundred countries. The school supports housing for students in the San Francisco area with its seventeen facilities for lodging.

The Academy of Art University helps guide students to success through their caring mission of creating a supportive atmosphere. They equip students with professionals that have the experience to instruct them correctly. Art ethics are employed in every course provided by the school. And they care for the local community of artists as well.

The student life, academics and facilities of the Academy of Art University draw thousands of students to this California university. Once becoming alumni these students end up doing amazing work from fashion to interior design to illustration to working with big brands like Nike. Academy of Art University will continue to support new artists for years to come.