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A Summary Of Lime Crime’s Venture Into China

Posted on January 6, 2018 in Fashion

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company with hopes of expanding into the Chinese market. One issue the company faces is the fact that the Chinese mandate is that wholesale cosmetics must be tested on animals. The issue with that, of course, is that Lime Crime is a vegan brand. The only way it could avoid the animal testing mandate is if product was shipped directly from the United States.

Many issues arise when shipping comes into question. For one the issue of the language barrier and logistics, as well as ending the counterfeit market. Lime Crime partnered with Los Angeles based company Revolve and built a seed audience in China for the introduction to the market overseas. This move allowed existing customers and fans of the brand to access the e-commerce hub of the combined companies, hours before the public.

In essence Lime Crime reached out to those other than “A-list” individuals to promote it’s products. They preferred to deal with individuals who were truly passionate about what the brand actually represents. When you think of a brand that is Vegan as well, you can imagine the backing that would be available considering the range of those who identify as Vegan.

Kim Walls is the Global General Manager for Lime Crime and happened to discuss the topic at the National Retail Federations conference in Los Angeles. After the topics of counterfeit, animal testing, and e-commerce was discussed, the closing was more about branding. To reinforce what this company stands for, Lime Crime chooses to include those who share similar beliefs as this company. They call them “First Tier” influencers, and they try to avoid them because they are usually seen as being their own brand. All in all, Lime Crime is taking the proper steps to join the Chinese Market.