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A Smile And A Handshake Can Be Beneficial To A Child

Posted on July 10, 2018 in Character Education Builders Education Education News

Besides the basic core subjects that are taught in school, children learn many character education builders that could benefit for the rest of their lives. As children grow, they remember some of the little things that a teacher instilled in them. They are inspired to keep up certain positive behaviors that are practiced in the classroom. Establishing routines and , and practicing them on a regular basis helps small children maintain good character traits. Teachers have different ways of getting through to their students. Repetition is one of the key components for ensuring that students learn a desired behavior.

A kindergarten teacher in a North Texas school has a sure way of teaching her students that there is someone who cares, and is willing to be your friend. The teacher expressed that starting every day with a handshake and a smile will teach her students good manners , which is rarely seen in today’s society. The Fort Worth kindergarten teacher posted a video of her students as they did their morning greeting, and it has since gone viral. Each student gets the opportunity to be the daily greeter. The other students line up outside the classroom to give the greeter a handshake and a smile before they enter into the classroom. Your text to link…

Many people can look back to the days when they were young elementary students and recall some very important practice that helped shape them into productive citizens. There was always a favorite teacher who stood out in your mind as being the one to make the biggest impression on your formative years. Ms. Bales, the Fort Worth kindergarten teacher, hoped that her practices would help with her student’s development. Wanting a child to grow up with a strong sense of what it means to be friendly, polite, and courteous to others, is what teachers, and parents alike, desire for their children. Children take with them many positive influences from their teachers.