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A Map Of The Average Teachers Salaries

Posted on July 12, 2018 in Education Education News

The financial people at How Much put together a map showing the average earnings of middle to high school teachers across the state. They got the numbers from looking at data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. As you may suspect, when looking at the map the numbers range all over the board. There are places where teachers get a good paycheck and places that were not as good.

The highest paying state for teachers was New York with an average salary of $81,613. The New York teacher website confirms this number for teachers who have a masters and years of experience teaching in a school. New teachers earn $56,711 If they only have a bachelors degree, and $63,751 if they have a masters with no previous experience.

The second on the list was Alaska with an average salary of $80,627. In Alaska, the beginning pay seems to vary from district to district. The salary for high school teachers seems consistent with the map How Much put together. The highest paying teacher position in Alaska seems to be English language and literacy teachers getting an average of $85,380. The lowest was preschool teachers only earning $ 35,120.

The third highest paying school on the list is Connecticut with a salary of $78,567. The numbers seemed consistent for a teacher in Connecticut that had taught for at least six years. The bare minimum salary for a teacher with a bachelor degree and no prior experience ranged from $ 37, 500 to $58,500.

The lowest paying state for teachers was Oklahoma at $40,530. It is not surprising considering the strikes the teachers have recently held there over pay. The minimum a teacher can make there with no experience and a bachelor’s degree is $31,600. A teacher with years of experience and a masters degree can only hope to make $44,950.

The second lowest paying state for teachers was South Dakota at $41,570. The minimum a teacher can make with a bachelor’s degree and no experience is $37, 680.

What we can learn from the map How much put together as while some states are doing great at giving teachers the pay they deserve. There is still a huge pay difference in some states.