Avaaz, A New Model For Advocacy

Posted on June 21, 2018 in Community Technology

Avaaz is an online website that has created a global community focused on helping to empower everyday people to take action on pressing global, national, and regional issues. Avaaz uses a model of internet organizing to bring together thousands of individual efforts, combining them into a force for change. The word Avaaz is derived from several European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages meaning voice. Avaaz gives a voice to people from all walks of life allowing them to impact significant world problems such as corruption, global warming and climate change, poverty, starvation, and famine.

Avaaz has taken new technology and adapted it so that a single global team can respond to any public issue of concern with speed, efficiency, adaptability, and scale. Unlike previous international citizens groups, this connected single team model allows Avaaz to avoid the necessity of having to build constituencies over time with national and special interest groups. The Avaaz online community acts as a siren call to call attention to new and pressing issues. It serves as a lightning rod to direct public awareness of a specific targeted problem or situation. The work of Avaaz plants a seed of advocacy and action with people that is tailored as much to address the particular issue, considering the geographic location and culture.

Every year Avaaz conducts all-member polls to set overall priorities. It also leads weekly polls of 10,000 members regarding campaign ideas and initiatives. Avaaz campaigns that reach the attention of the full membership can take on significant momentum with hundreds of thousands of members becoming active within days or hours.

Avaaz is 100 percent member funded, and democratic values anchor the core of its mandate. Avaaz has no allegiance to an external government or corporation, and it will not accept donations from governments or corporations.

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Francisco Domenech Provides Legal, Political, and Philanthropic Service to Puerto Rico

Posted on June 18, 2018 in Lawyer

Francisco Domenech is a managing partner of Politank, a law firm specializing in government affairs. Politank develops tactics for representation of private interests before government forums. Domenech brings years of legal experience to Politank, serving as a former Director for Legislative Services. The P.R. Legislative Assembly is akin to the U.S. Congressional Research Service.

Mr. Domenech’s tenure was a successful one, he optimized the staff, expanded the overall services of the Assembly, oversaw the deliberation of 800 new pieces of legislation, made the Legislative Library accessible to the handicapped, and managed a budget of $11 million. The three years Francisco served in this position saw positive leftover of that budget. Prior to Legislative Services Francisco Domenech served as Chief Legal Counsel for the P.R. Senate President. Domenech represented the interest of the Senate in court, managing and supervising counsel work. He oversaw outside counsel, federal lobbyists, and participated directly in court hearings. His stellar resume is complimented by his educational background.

Francisco J. Domenech is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. He has a bachelor’s in political science, and a Juris Doctor from UPR. During his tenure as a student Domenech served as President of the Student Body Council, Academic Senator for the UPR Rio Piedras Academic Senate, and Student Body President of UPR’s College of Social Sciences. His forays into campus politics would lay the groundwork for his future political career in the U.S. Starting in 2007 Domenech became a member of the Democratic National Committee, representing Young Democrats of America. He served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential run against Obama, overseeing her primary campaign in Puerto Rico.

Domenech was used as a delegate for Puerto Rico in the last four Democratic National Conventions. He continued his work for Hillary’s campaign, serving in one position or another until 2016. On the outset of Hillary’s successful campaign against Sen. Sanders, Domenech was appointed to Clinton’s National Finance Committee, overseeing the organization of her trip to Puerto Rico.


3 Beauty Trends You Can Use For Your Mid-2018 Look, Featuring Lime Crime

Posted on June 16, 2018 in Beauty Trend

There are many beauty trends out there. We have chosen three trends you will want to use for your mid-2018 look.

  1. Use The Right Highlighter

Find a highlighter that shows off your face’s structure. After all, that is what a highlighter is supposed to do. You can use it to make the most important aspects of your face stand out. With the right highlighter, people will know to look at your face and nowhere else.

That being said, choose a high quality highlighter from Lime Crime, a popular cosmetics brand. They have a number of highlighters, so pick the one you like the best. Here’s a tip, apply the highlighter of your choice around the cheekbones area. Next, apply it under the eyes and a little bit on your nose’s ridge.

  1. Get A Foundation That Won’t Fail You

For your mid-2018 look, go for a foundation you can truly trust. Foundation is what provides you with a clean slate that you can use to start adding pigments and colors (your makeup). Foundation can cover a lot of imperfections out, but it is crucial to choose the best one out there, such as foundation from Lime Crime.

The best foundation will have been formulated to provide you with protection from the sun. In other words, choose foundation that has SPF in it. The foundation you use should match your skin, and always choose one that feels good on your skin. You want to feel as if you are not wearing anything at all on your face.

  1. It’s All About Long-Wear Lipstick

Invest in a good long-wear lipstick. Trust us, you will love wearing lipstick that is extremely difficult to smudge or sweat off as you are running your daily errands, out for a night out on the town or doing anything else for that matter. Lime Crime has lipstick that will last for the entire day and/or night.

The products discussed above can all be found at Lime Crime. The company is known for being edgy, and it’s run by a self-described unicorn, Doe Deere. It’s also a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free company.


GoBuyside (NY Recap)

Posted on June 15, 2018 in Workforce

Running a business brings a lot of challenges. This is especially true when it involves investment and hedge fund firms, you’re dealing with other people’s money.

This is why it’s important to have the right kind of people handling other people’s money, but in order to do that, you’ve got to find the right kind of investment professionals. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

A company this is helping many to do that is GoBuyside. GoBuyside is a recruitment firm that was established in 2011, and in the seven years that it has existed, it has helped many firms to maintain financial solvency.

Sounds interesting? It is. To contact GoBuyside, go to its trusted website, sign up and become a registered member. Once you do, you will be opened to a plethora of investment recruitment professionals that will be ready to show you what it takes to hire top corporate talent.

And it has its own trusted staff who will be on hand to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have. Read this article at Accesswire.

So, if you want a business that will help you to find the right kind of people you’re looking for to handle hedge funds and investments right, then come to GoBuyside, the top recruitment firm in Corporate America.

If you’d like to learn more what this firm is doing to meet the challenges of hiring investment talent, then go to dailyforexreport.com to learn about the 7 challenges recruitment firms face in hiring top corporate talent and how GoBuyside is meeting that challenge.

Yes, it does take a lot to run a business these days, but at least you don’t have to go it alone, you’ve got GoBuyside to help you to achieve your goals.

Again, register with the firm, become a trusted member with GoBuyside’s website and you’ll always be in position to find the top investment talent out there.

GoBuyside is not only online, it also can be located @ 260 Madison Avenue, right in the hub of business activity, midtown Manhattan.

So come to GoBuyside, the top recruitment company on the market today, they’re waiting to show you how to make more money than you ever did-by hiring qualified corporate talent.

Watch: https://interview.net/an-interview-with-gobuysides-arjun-kapur/


Virginia Votes Down Home Schooling Bill

Posted on February 26, 2018 in Education Education News Home Schooling Bill

Home-schooling is growing in popularity all over the United States. Each year, more parents elect to provide for their children’s educational needs in the home environment. One area where those in home schools lack is in the area of team sports participation. Some home school associations provide extracurricular activities in a group setting, but not on the level of public school sports teams.

In order to rectify this situation, many in the home-schooling community have sought the right to allow their children the opportunity to play on the sports teams of the local public school district. This idea has in large part been met by disapproval from those in the public school system.

Some members of the Virginia Legislature wanted to enact legislation that would have allowed those in home schools to participate on public school sports teams. The proposed law was nicknamed the “Tebow Bill” in reference to Tim Tebow the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback who played for the University of Florida and the Denver Broncos.

When Tim Tebow was in high school, he was in home school. However, the local school district in Florida allowed Tebow to play at the local high school.

Students in Virginia will not be able to go the route that Tim Tebow did. The Virginia bill was rejected. There was significant opposition from the local public school districts. The opposition was so intense, that the bill did not even make out of committee.

The proposed bill would have allowed those in a home school to play sports, and it would have allowed participation in other activities in the public school system as well. Opponents of the bill felt as if parents had the choice to enroll in public school or not. If they made the decision against public school, they shouldn’t be entitled to public school benefits.


West Virginia’s Senate Bill 284

Posted on February 25, 2018 in Education Education News Public Education Senate Bill 284

On Tuesday, the Senate in West Virginia passed a bill that would make technical colleges and community colleges free. The bill, Senate Bill 284, is now going to the House of Delegates.

There are two programs created by the bill—the WV Invests Grant and the Advanced Career Education Program, also known as the ACE program. The mission of the ACE program is to connect technical colleges and community colleges with with county board to prepare students of secondary education for career oriented training. The mission of the WV Invests Grant is to make CTC programs available, free of charge, to students after all other scholarships and grants have run dry.

People of all ages who have a high school equivalents or a high school diplomas are eligible to apply for the WV Invests Grant. The age minimum was 20 years of age, but it was lowered down to18 and anyone younger with the right credentials.

Students who apply for these educational opportunities must meet certain criteria concerning many things, such as residency and academic success. Also, every semester students must pass a drug test.

Senate Bill 284 is a huge step forward in public education. It provides extra educational opportunities to people, especially those who are living on lower incomes. Secondary education is usually not free these days, and many people have to choose between having an education or not being in massive amounts of debt. It seems criminal how much the price of college is going up—even on the community college level.

Also, going to a four year college is not for everyone. High schools try to push educational tracts on students that are not for everybody and downplay vocational education. Senate Bill 284 seems to have been crafted by people who have the students in mind.


Charter Schools Boost Public Education in North Carolina

Posted on February 24, 2018 in Education Education News Public Education

Many people believe that the education system should be improved. However, there are few people who actually agree on how to improve education. In some states, the public school system is failing the vast majority of students. Not only are teachers overworked, but many teachers have to spend their own money buying supplies for the classroom. This is the wrong approach to take for anyone who wants to improve education.

In the state of North Carolina, the education industry is changing rapidly. There are several charter schools that have opened in the past few years. These charter schools offer a great opportunity for children to improve their overall level of education. In the coming years, charter schools will become more popular.

More Options

One of the biggest problems with the education system in the United States is a lack of options. There are many people who want to offer the best education possible for their children. However, people who cannot afford to live in an affluent area have few options. In addition, paying for private school is simply not an option for the average family. As a result, parents are left with few options when it comes to choosing the school that their children will attend.

A charter school offers more options for parents. In most states, a charter school decides on which students to accept through a lottery system. This is a great way for students to get a quality education without having to pay tuition each month.

Charter schools generally have fewer students than a typical school. Teachers are able to spend more time with each student. This is a great way to improve the overall experience of different students who attend the school. As technology continues to change, the education system needs to change along with it. This is the best way to offer students an opportunity to succeed in the future.


Can Storytellers Improve Public School Performance?

Posted on February 23, 2018 in Education Education News Public Education Public School

The state of Illinois is actively considering hiring what it calls storytellers for its public education department. According to the job posting, the storytellers will have to combine educational policy with communication in their job. Despite the surface appearance, these storytellers will not just travel around to schools and read kids stories. They are meant to be a different kind of storyteller.

The storytellers proposed by the Illinois State Board of Education are set to be traveling public policy educators, advocates and communicators. They will be going across the state and sharing stories of what works and what does not work in the classroom, the administration and the community as a whole when it comes to education in the state of Illinois.

Ultimately, these storytellers can be said to be people who are traveling to talk about best practices in the educational environment. Another one of their roles is also to gather information from one school and share it with other schools. The goal or point of hiring these storytellers is to improve performance not only in the classroom but of the administration, the teachers, the school boards and every other part of the educational system.

The idea is indeed a novel one, and it is unclear just how effective it will be. I think the idea is a great one. Taking what works in one school and sharing it with another school or district can be a great way to spread effective policies or techniques from one area to the next. Just like a company wants to share best practices among its departments, the educational agency should do the same thing.

One hurdle to the storytellers beginning work is the educational budget. They can only be hired if the budget the department of education in Illinois was promised is actually given to them. The new promised budget was substantially higher than the previous one and would allow the hiring of additional staff such as storytellers.


Nashville Schools Ranked in Bottom 5 Percent Statewide

Posted on February 22, 2018 in Education Education News Public Education

After a demoralizing 21 schools were added to the 2017 Tennessee Department of Education Cusp list of worst performing schools in Tennessee during the 2016-2017 school year, things do not seem to be looking up in 2018, Tennessean reports.

For the new year, it appears that even more schools in the city will now be classified as in the lowest 5% in terms of performance. While no hard evidence of this is present in the form of, for example, a preliminary 2018 Priority school list, the classification for 2017 alone doesn’t seem good. It represented a major increase in the number of poor performing schools in the city from years prior (14 in 2014 and 15 in 2016), with the trend expecting to hold for the next school year going forward.

The Priority school list is a collection of schools issued every three years that catalogs the lowest performing schools in an area, with consequences for schools that aren’t performing well enough. While school officials in Nashville say they are working to help fix deficiencies in learning, but many are wondering if it’s too little, too late.

While the Priority list was initially meant to be issued at the end of 2017, new federal laws have moved the release date to fall 2018. To use the extra time wisely, Metro Nashville Public Schools have made some changes to education policy to hopefully improve performance in the 41 schools counted in the worst 10% of Tennessee education institutions, special focused placed on the bottom 21.

Among these changes is a new initiative to try and attract more and better teachers to the worst performing schools, intending to boost the caliber of learning that goes on there with more experienced educators. Whether this will help grades and test scores will have to be seen, with just a year’s time to turn things around.


The Effects Of The Anti-Bullying Laws In Alabama Public Schools

Posted on February 21, 2018 in Anti-Bullying Laws Education Education News Public Education

New public school anti-bullying laws in Alabama require schools to create policies to eliminate violence, intimidation and harassment. This is making it tough for gay students due to a state law emphasizing homosexuality is not considered an acceptable lifestyle.

Only seven states have a law preventing teachers from portraying homosexuality in a positive manner, and Alabama is among the seven. These laws are referred to as no promo homo, and affect almost ten million students in public schools. The severity of these laws varies, and in July the law in Utah was repealed. The states still enforcing these laws are Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arizona, South Carolina and Louisiana. These laws operate with the statutes for anti-bullying which are in effect in all fifty states.

The effect of these laws has been chilling, and indicate areas of prejudice sanctioned by the states. In the states with these laws, LGBTQ content is not allowed in the classrooms by the teachers regardless of the topic. For more information on these laws, please visit https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/no-promo-homo-laws-states_us_5a6f9178e4b05836a255ae94.

Despite the fact these laws are used predominately for health education, they can still affect the attitude of the entire school regarding any LGBTQ students. According to the students in these states, there is less peer acceptance and the rate of bullying has increased. The LGBTQ students in these states have stated their teachers are less supportive, their access to clubs for the Gay Straight Alliance is very limited, and the school policies regarding bullying have become less comphrenisve.

The teachers in these states teaching secondary school have reported the current curriculum is much less likely to lend support to LGBTQ students, and any of the related topics. The health educators teaching in these states were generally not reporting any mental health services to provide assistance to gay students, or any current professional development regarding the gay population.