The Importance Of Connection And How a New York Shared Office Space Provides It

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If there is one thing that people don’t like about work, it is being one of the odd one’s out. It is common to have that feeling of isolation on the job. That feeling of being the one that everyone else is against is not a fun feeling. Fortunately, people don’t have to endure that in order to make income. There is an alternate work environment that people could take part in. This is the shared office space. Shared office spaces are so different from regular workplaces in that it has a completely different energy about it. People are less likely to be involved with office politics. They are also more likely to connect with each other.

With shared office spaces, they are all very unique. Another good thing is that the managers of the spaces will go out of the way to make sure that the needs of their members are met. They will also make sure that the members are connecting in each other in a way that brings out friendliness and encourages goals. The more laid back and peaceful environment is what gets people wanting the change of pace that comes with co-working spaces.

A shining example of a coworking space is Workville NYC. Workville offers just that for people that are looking to escape from the rat race that is very toxic. With Workville, people no longer have to put up with the threat of losing their job. They also don’t have to face the constant finger pointing because they are the odd one out. They can work in peace and not have to deal with the politics that come with a regular workplace. Also, Workville allows people to choose their own hours without having to deal with any drama. The choice of work that comes with the environment is also a dream come true.

People that have experienced burnout will find that they are more in their element with shared office spaces. They will also experience healing and a sense of belonging as they work towards something that is more meaningful than a dead end job that they’ve grown accustomed to.

Doe Deere, Innovator and Beauty

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Do dreams really come true when a creative spirit tries to make a mark in the highly competitive world of beauty? In the case of Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, the answer has to be a resounding yes. Doe Deere launched her own makeup brand in 2008 in response to the very beige colors she saw coming out of the major cosmetics lines at the time. Deere loves bright colors in a big way, and she was determined to bring color back to makeup, and then some.

Deere started Lime Crime in 2008, after creating her own fashion line on eBay. She used what she learned from her first online company (as well as her love of bold color) to create her unique cosmetics brand.

A Rock and Roll Vibe

The looks from Lime Crime are unique and very bold. They speak to women who love to really make a statement with their beauty by wearing bold colors. The long-lasting wear of these lipsticks is also part of their appeal. Lime Crime makeup is being compared very favorably to other famous brands (like the Kardashian line) that is sold for a much higher price point. Bringing beauty to women in a way that’s affordable is another major achievement for Lime Crime.

Using The Internet

Doe Deere has been a true innovator in her work with Lime Crime. She started the company via website, and today the brand has over 2 million followers on her interactive page on Instagram. Lime Crime users love uploading photos of themselves wearing the makeup onto the page, and as the photos are shared, the word about Lime Crime grows ever more, even as more followers are added.

Colors That Are Bold

There’s no question that Doe Deere’s use of color with this brand is innovative. The Unicorn Lip Color line features a range of colors that includes bright blue, green, yellow, orange, black and many shades of purple, pink and red. These colors are unusual, but they blend beautifully with the eye makeup and blushes also from Lime Crime. Doe Deere wears these colors continually, and her look is truly stunning.

Can dreams of creating an innovative beauty company that really speaks to women come true? In the case of Lime Crime, the answer is definitely yes.

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IAP: A Worldwide Services Company

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IAP is a worldwide company with two thousand plus employees in over twenty five countries around the world. IAP stands for integrity and purpose, they provide a diverse set of solutions and services to clients ranging anywhere from the US Government to international organizations. IAPs customers present the company with complex and diverse problems to which IAP provides innovative, safe and reliable solutions.

IAP has many capabilities, I will be reviewing just a handful of them in this writing. First, IAP Worldwide Services is well-known for providing services to the U.S. Government and is a trusted partner with them. From field hospitals to air fields, IAP also provides worldwide support for organizations that help to keep the United States safe. IAPs’ technology helps over 175,000 personnel at an expansive number of military installations in the continental U.S. and the Middle East, for example.

Secondly, IAP provides solutions to non-government organizations such as energy companies. Routinely several miles away from civilization IAP can for example, set up a power grid for a newly developing power project. By means of its disaster relief, construction and infrastructure capabilities, IAP provides experienced teams that are globally responsive to the energy needs of their customers.

For example, in various locations throughout the world IAP Worldwide Services offers permanent and temporary power plants. By means of agreements with their equipment manufacturers and customers they operate, install and create renewable hybrid and even dual-fuel energy operations. IAP offers services in everything from turning the electricity back on after a hurricane strikes to bringing energy to a construction site.

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IAP Worldwide Services Jobs

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

Another interesting service IAP provides is Engineering and Aviation solutions. What this essentially means is that IAP supports a wide range of aircrafts projects with obtaining parts, repair, testing equipment and testing stations. This makes IAP not only the parts provider but also the expertise for anything ranging from communications upgrades to logistics support and aviation engineering.

Last but not least IAP provides IT technology support. IAP offers high-tech support of the U.S. and it’s allies through solutions that improve the capacity of many critical defense technology systems. IAP has a lot to offer in the way of computers and technology. Just to name a few, they have dedicated teams in the area of IT infrastructure, Network security, Information solutions, Data center design and more.

It is interesting to note that IAP is a vast company that offers a wide range of services to a quite a diverse set of clientele. Although you may not read of this company everyday in the headlines, they do work to provides services that a lot of people are unaware was made possible because of IAP.

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Why Nobody Can Dull Doe Deere’s Shine

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How many people can truly say that there is nobody like them? Not many can, except for Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime. Her peculiar way of running a business has captured the attention of millions for years with little expectation for that to cease anytime soon. Aside from her radiating vibrancy wherever she goes, the Russian-born starlet is also an advocate for human and animal rights. In fact, Lime Crime has been known to donate proceeds to a multitude of charities, including Sanctuary for Families, HOLA, Girls Inc, Adopt NY, Bideawee, and the Red Cross. In addition to donating company profits to charity, the fact that Deere regularly makes herself available to her fans is a form of philanthropy as well.

From a music career to designing dresses to ending up as a radical female entrepreneur, Deere really has done it all. Despite the stress that is often affiliated with business, her smile never dims nor does her outlandish personality. Whether she is breaking all the fashion rules by wearing stripes and polka dots or too many colors, or she is in the office crafting up new shades, the Queen of Unicorns is always doing something to show the world just who Doe Deere is and why she does the things that she does.

In an interview with Galore Magazine, Deere discussed how she has made it as a female entrepreneur. Aside from liking makeup despite having a shaky start at applying it, the silly personality makes it a point to reach out to her fans on a daily basis. By asking them what they would like to see, which looks they have tried out and appreciate the most, and what they are tending to dislike about Lime Crime, Deere obtains honest feedback and is able to adjust the company accordingly. Lime Crime also differs in respect to the way that their fans communicate by accenting their homepage with pictures of Unicorns across the world showing their looks of the day. This creates both an expressive outlet and a means to stay connected to their beloved company.

In conclusion, Doe Deere is bizarre in the best way possible. Though some would believe somebody who is so over the top in terms of appearance would not know the first thing about business endeavors, Doe has demonstrated time and time again why she is the Queen and how few people will succeed in dulling her shine.

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Clay Siegall is proud of Seattle Genetics

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Since the beginning of time, genetics has played a huge role in life. Your genetic makeup can determine your height, skin color, and even which diseases you are susceptible too. For many years, we had no control over genetics, but in the past few decades, doctors and scientist around the globe have started developing genetic therapies. Many doctors believe that genetic therapy could solve issues like cancer, diabetes, and hunger. There are several major companies working on genetic therapies in the United States, and Seattle Genetics is one of the top companies.

Seattle Genetics was founded several years ago, with Clay Siegall at the head of the company. They have been developing treatments for Lymphoma and other forms of cancer for several years, and they are starting to turn the corner towards profitability. Recently, Clay Siegall held a meeting with major stakeholders to discuss the results of the last quarter.

Clay Siegall is extremely pleased with the faith that investors have placed in his company. He believes that this faith is starting to pay-off. Seattle Genetics’ main product is ADCERTIS. Clay believes that ADCERTIS is well on its way to becoming a major franchise, and will help establish the company as a major oncology firm. ADCERTIS is permanently changing the way that CD30-expressing lymphoma is treated.

Seattle Genetics is also working on SGN-CD33A, another major drug. This drug has made it through several major rounds of testing, and it is now entering trials. SGN-CD33A shows hope when it comes to helping AML patients live longer lives.

Seattle has many other treatments in the works. These treatments are aimed at everything from breast cancer to urothelial cancer. Clay is highly involved in all of these treatment methods, and he loves watching these potential cures grow.

Clay Siegall was happy to report an increase in profits this year. The company earned around $100 million in the second quarter of this year. That is a significant increase for the company.

Clay Siegall believes that Seattle Genetics is developing the cures of the future. He believes that investors should remain encouraged when it comes to the future of genetic therapy.



Andy Wirth Says No Drought Dampers Skiing

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California is experiencing a drought, and people are questioning how the ski industry will fair over the seasonal calamity. So who are you going to ask? Why of course the winter mogul and lighthearted man of cheer Andy Wirth. He is loved by many, and is a general delight, so it is without reservation that on a KCRW radio program they had Andy Wirth on as a guest.

He is positive and upbeat, and no amount of sad doomsday worries will ever pass his lips, for he is truly a man that survived the odds and holds a certainty of optimism. He has his own personal tragedy stories, and survived with grace and buoyancy.

Consequently, you will find Andy Wirth chooses to always be encouraging, he says that even though the weather conditions have made a twenty-percent drop in overall tourism associated with the ski industry, this lull will not adversely affect the ski resort. He goes on to say that the ski resort could survive many a season with a less than stellar tourism boom market.

Weather technology, such as making snow and other advancement in science can compensate for Mother Nature’s woes, and people can enjoy great skiing. The art of compensating for the lack of snowfall can be managed by skilled workers and exceptionally talented snowcat operators.

So when the radio program announcer asked will there be good skiing, Andy Wirth has a resounding answer, it is yes. With an understanding of the Lake Tahoe people, the people who love their skiing, and no amount of wintertime blues with keep the real skier away.

The “Press Play with Madeleine Brand” program aired was: “How Will The Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?” and the reply is the drought is a bummer, but it is not a washout. So, pack one’s skies and head for the mountains, because there will be skiing, Andy Wirth will promise you that.

Andy Wirth does know his stuff; he is a magnate in the hotel and resort business. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The ski and tourism market is in his blood, and he has over twenty-five years of experience in the winter resort industry.

This experience has led him to make the winter tourism industry in the Olympic Valley, CA, near the Lake Tahoe area the number one winter destinations in the world. Thus even though the present situation is less profitable, overall the winter tourism industry is strong. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

The total ski and hotel industry infrastructure is solid and fortified, and it encompasses thousands of acres of prime ski terrain. In addition, Andy Wirth says that they are expanding the overall yearly tourism experience, by making it year round. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Accordingly, summer visitation will include weddings, and iron man completion as part of the fun. He notes that the resort is booked solid all year long, so all is good.


Wengie’s Way To Exfoliated Skin

Posted on July 13, 2016 in Beauty Blogger

Wengie, host of her own successful YouTube channel, provides beauty guru knowledge with viewers around the world. In today’s video, Wengie explains how to successfully exfoliate the facial skin. There are several ways to exfoliate the skin and a variety of products to help facilitate the process.
Manual scrubs are the most well-known way to induce exfoliation of the facial skin. Manual scrubs include products with beads in it and sugar scrubs. Wengie suggests using manual scrubs after cleansing your skin in the shower first.
The next method used by Wengie is chemical exfoliates. In Wengie’s personal collection she has a product by DCL called AHA revitalizing lotion 10. The product also comes in BHA, which is useful for oily skin. The AHA formula is best for dry or sun-damaged skin. It is best to use chemical exfoliates after applying a toner to the skin, but before applying a moisturizer. She suggests trying out a variety of chemical exfoliates to find which product is best for your skin type.
Another way to exfoliate the skin is by using aqua peeling gels. As you rub this gel into your skin, you’ll actually see the dead skin peel off! The aqua gel is very gentle on the skin and very popular among people with sensitive skin. It can be used a few times a week in the shower after cleansing.
Moving on, Wengie discusses using peeling gels, which are very popular in Asia. This method is often used across the nose as a pore strip because it removes all of the impurities that are deeply embedded. The peel can be used 1 to 3 times a week.
The fifth method of exfoliation is using a facial towel. The slightly rough texture of the towel exfoliates the skin and removes excess oils. Wengie likes to use this towel after oil cleansing.
The last method is using a Konjac sponge, which is derived from plant materials. The sponge is smooth but textured. Wengie uses this sponge in place of a cleanser in the mornings to remove dead skin, oils, and dirt.


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Pittsburgh Steelers Setting the New Standard In Fashion For the NFL

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are among the first professional sports teams in the country to understand you can cheer on your team and still look very good doing so. For years, fashion, when talking about something like the NFL was the choice between the standard team jersey and a pink one for women.

Susan McGalla, who is the Steelers’ new director of strategic planning, has taken aim at the fashion industry when it comes to her team. She wants to make sure people who want to look good while supporting their team have something to wear.

Susan McGalla, who has a long history in the fashion industry, has launched endeavors with Pandora Jewelry, and Tommy Bahama. Nike Golf and Victoria’s Secret have also signed deals with the team in order to sell Steelers’ themed merchandise.

Before she came to the NFL franchise, Susan McGalla was likely best known for the work she did with American Eagle Outfitters. She is also someone who has deep ties to Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. Not only was she once a trustee for the University of Pittsburgh and she has served as the director for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Read more: Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign

She has clearly made sure that she leans on her expertise in the fashion industry to successfully change the way the Steelers are selling clothes and accessories. What might get lost in the shuffle is that Susan McGalla is also leaning on her more general retail expertise to find a way to sell these new accessories.

When talking about the launch of this new clothing line, McGalla has talked about much she wants to make sure people can buy what they want, using whatever device they want. She has specifically worked to make sure people who are using mobile devices and laptops can shop and purchase whatever they see they want.

The NFL has always looked to lure in women as a fan base. They’ve largely managed to do that over the last few years. The new goal is to make sure these women feel confident wearing their team when the go out on the town. McGalla is showing the league how that can be accomplished. See:


The Life and Causes of Thor Halvorseen

Posted on July 11, 2016 in Human Rights

It is clear from all the dead-of-night texts, emails and encrypted Wicker messages that have been sent, that Thor Halvorssen, who seems to almost keep vampire hours, is not the average clock punching worker Halvorssen, at the age of 39, is the president for the Human Rights Foundation, based out of New York, which was launched by him in 2005. Thor has said that he loves people, and those that he loves the most have been defectors and dissidents, and the freedom’s troublemakers who have been blowing spitballs at the authoritarians while they have been standing up against the tyranny. Vaclav Havel has served as the chairman, for Thor, for the HRF until he had died in 2011. Following this, he was replaced by Garry Kasparov, who is a Vladimir Putin/Political Activist and Russian chess grandmaster. The daily toil that
the staff of just 12 is involved in is to shine a light on authoritarianism, cover various corners of the globe, and lend a megaphone to the dissidents and the political prisoners. The HRF annual Oslo Freedom Forum has now became it’s signature, as it is now a can’t miss event for the human-rights beat reporters.

Thor Halvorssen’s knowledge on the subject of Human Rights is not just theoretical. Being exposed to the government corruption while he was working as the drug czar in Venezuela, his father had been tortured by the Caracas prison. His mother had also been shot by an anti-hugo Chavez demonstration, and one of his first cousins Leopoldo Lopez, who was a perpetual challenger of Chavista regime that had failed to die with the namesake, is now waiting out a sentence as a political prisoner of a Venezuelan jail. But unlike many who focus on human-rights, Thor has not spent any time with playing the stereotypical sad-sack activist.

In his early life, Thor Halvorssen was born and raised in Caracas, and speaks American English with no accent. He is half-Venezuelan and half-Norwegian, and he has descended from heads of state and assorted swashbucklers. Oystein, who was his paternal grandfather, served as the Norwegian king’s consul within Venezuela during World War II, where he diverted all of the merchant fleet from Norway to the Venezuelan ports, after the Germans had invaded his homeland. His mother was a descendant of the first president in Venezuela, who helped Spain to gain independence for Latin America from Spain. Because all of these factors have played into Thor’s life, individual liberty and human rights should not be something to be on the table for discussion, but rather they should be the table for which all other discussions are made.



Shea Butter For Beautiful Hair

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After reading a few beauty blogs, you will probably notice that a large number of the sites are associating Shea butter with beautiful hair. True, quite a lot of people in the beauty industry discovered that this natural product is a very powerful, natural product that is loaded with a number of essential nutrients for the hair. Certainly, this is the reason that a number of big beauty corporations are adding Shea butter to their top hair care products. Shea butter is actually a natural product that is extracted from the African shea tree that is native to West Africa. The product is filled with vitamin A and vitamin E. Both vitamins moisturize and nourish the hair.

Using Shea Butter
First, it is important to remember that not all Shea butter products are alike. It is vital to only work with the highest quality Shea butter product that is available. Certainly, products that are produced in West Africa by EuGenia Shea are considered excellent products. In addition, it is important to avoid low quality products that really do not contain natural Shea butter. Shea butter is appropriate for all hair types. This includes curly hair, frizzy hair, straight hair, or wavy hair. Some find that Shea butter has the natural ability to seal moisture into hair locks, define curls, and get rid of the frizzes. Tame the hair with a bit of the product on a daily basis. Simply apply a dab to the hair and brush. In addition, one could add a bit of the product to a hot oil treatment for the hair.

EuGenia Shea
Eugenia Shea brand shea butter is a family run business that is based in Ghana. The company also has a connection with America. The company hires local women in Ghana to help with production of the Shea butter product. The company’s objective is to provide jobs and a fair salary for women in Ghana.

In addition, the company donates part of their earnings to an educational fund that helps people in Ghana. The company is producing high quality products and delivering needed help to the locals in Ghana.