US Money Reserve Gold Coins Make For Great Investments

Posted on June 23, 2016 in Business

The US Money Reserve is the biggest distributor in the world for gold coins, and they have been helping people invest in gold coins for a long time.

There are a lot of people who overlook gold coins because they do not think that is something they can invest in, but it is the perfect thing to use when people do not want to use all their resources on investments that are too complicated to do something simpler, and that is what EPNS Radio was talking about. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

There are a lot of people who are trying to make the most of the cash they have for investing, but there is no way for them to get anything done if they do not understand their investments. The best thing they can do is go with gold coins, and they can listen to Philip Diehl talk it over.

He is the president at US Money Reserve, and he was once the director of the US Mint. He knows what the market will bear, and he knows how to design great coins. He even helped design the state quarters and a special platinum coin at the mint. He helps the US Money Reserve have the best designs, and that is why people can invest easily in them.

Someone who is trying to make the most of their investments can buy the coins that they can get from the US Money Reserve, and then they can trade them, sell them or collect them. The people who sell can make a profit right away, and the people who are trading or collecting can hold their collection until it is time to sell.

Everyone has a choice to make, and Philip Diehl says that this is easier than stocks no matter what people do. They just need to decide what their plan will be.

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Investors Ask Igor Cornelsen Why Brazil is Better Than Argentina

Posted on June 2, 2016 in Investor

Some investors might want to geographically diversify their financial portfolio with an investment in South America. Brazil and Argentina are two primary candidates. Why does Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen think Brazil is the better choice?

“Argentina Che”

According to “”, Argentina had a 2015 GDP of $538 billion, growth rate of 0.45% and population of 43 million. Argentina is rather sparse with only 16 people per square kilometer, median age of 31.4 years old and rural population of 8.4%. Argentina has a birth rate of 18 per 1,000 and death rate of 8 per 1,000.

The life expectancy at birth in Argentina is 76 years. The infant mortality rate was 11.1 per 1,000 live births. 65% of Argentinians use the Internet.

“Brazilian BRICS”

For 2015, the Brazilian GDP was higher at $2.35 trillion. Brazil’s growth is 0.14% and its population is 206 million. Brazil is more dense than Argentina with 25 people per square kilometer, a 31.1 year old median age and rural population of 15%. The birth rate was 15 per 1,000 and its death rate was 6 per 1,000.

Brazilian life expectancy is 74 years at birth. The Brazil infant mortality rate was 14.6 per 1,000 live births. About 58% of all Brazilians used the World Wide Web.

“Who Rules South America?”

Brazil has 5 FIFA World Cup championships and Argentina has 2, so even in football, Brazil has the edge. According to Investment Expert Igor Cornelsen, during his CNBC interview, Brazil is a very attractive investment opportunity. The country has a robust GDP and its larger population offers a bit more stability than Argentina for Igor Cornelsen.

Furthermore, Igor Cornelsen as a member of the BRICS, Brazil can continue to ink important trade deals with China, India and Russia. Brazil’s future looks bright.

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The Stow Company Gets CEO following the Recent Appointment

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Business Philanthropy

Dick DeVos has made the great approach in bringing into his Company, ” The Stow Company”, a wealth of experience following the appointment of Phil Dolci as the CEO. Mr. Phil is a Proficient Management Professional with over 23 years of experience in Product Manufacturing and Marketing. He is a specialist in consumer-centered products. Before his appointment, Phil was serving as CEO of Crosman Corporation a Company that deals with Manufacturing and Supplying of Shooting Sports product and it is known to be a global leader in designing.


Phil is trusted with the responsibility of leading Holland Based-manufacturer, which is an affiliate of the Windquest Group, Known as Grand Rapid Holding group Founded by Amway Scion and Betsy DeVos. Amway and Betsy are Couples who are known for their liberal generosity and professional in matters of political involvement on contemporary issues and rights. Also, he will be assigned to leading Stow Company towards its growth objective and continue retaining the lead in the market.


DeVos expects Mr. Phil to deliver by leading the Company in the right direction in acquiring Markets. Stow Company specializes in the manufacturing of Products that are branded as ORG Home Custom solution, EasyClose and Easy Track, and Wine Cellars. The Companys’ industrial facilities are Headquartered in Holland and Indianapolis with over 280 employees. Dolci graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Northwestern University.


Dick Devos is the Chairman of The Stow Company and an Entrepreneur from Michigan. He served for nine years as the CEO of the Amway, leading the Company in the consumer goods distribution that saw him make an outstanding record of sales and profitability and expanded the company globally over 18 countries. Before Amway, Dick was the President and the CEO of the Orlando Magic Basketball in 1991. He is a visionary entrepreneur and also a philanthropist who founded a family foundation that helps in growth and viability of the partner organization.


Dick Devos is the Son of Richard DeVos and was born in Michigan, Grand Rapids. He received public school education from Forest Hills and later Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northwood University. Mr.Dick DeVos has received Honorary Doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Wharton Schools. He is married to Betsy DeVos, and they have four Children who actively participate in pursuing business careers.



Various Luxurious Features of Boraie Development’s Latest Complex, The Aspire

Posted on May 13, 2016 in Business CEO's

Trust Boraie Development LLC to provide luxurious unique developments. One of the latest developments was The Aspire building which offers luxury and class. The Aspire is a 17 story building with great features such as large windows with hardwood floors and fully carpeted bedrooms. Its location offers great accessibility as it is located close to the New Brunswick Train Station. The Aspire is an ultra modern complex that combines class and space.

Each unit has a great finishing with unique and quality products. Various designer features of The Aspire were published in details in ( There are Gourmet kitchens with ‘custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, glass tile backsplash and in-home Bosch washers and dryers.’ Baths have a finishing that entails porcelain floor tiles and ceramic tiles around bathing appliances. There are different floor plans with some units having features such as private terraces and balconies.

There is a luxurious lounge area has great features that include; ‘catering kitchen, dining table for 12, pool table, several TV screens, Wi-Fi and an extended outdoor terrace. ’Common to all units is a great view of the downtown scenery which is accessed from the oversized windows. The roof deck is fitted with electric barbecues. The complex entails 1- bedroom, 2- bedrooms apartments and studios which total to 238 classy spaces. Residents of The Aspire are assured of being able to access first class dining in the restaurant and a retail center – At Two Extremes of a Housing Market.

There are a lot of services that a resident can get from this luxurious space such as; a 24 hour reliable doorman, 24 hour fitness center and onsite maintenance. Omar Boraie the founder and the President of Boraie Development stated that The Aspire is set to meet the evolving needs of New Brunswick residents. He said, “New Brunswick has become a very sophisticated city.

Today’s residents want more features and service options …that is what we are offering at The Aspire.” Boraie Development (read more at Manta) opened a rental office for The Aspire from where the units are shown. Rent payment is done online and the residents will receive message notifications for deliveries and visitors.

The cost for renting studio apartments, 1- bedroom and 2- bedroom apartments are $1,650, $1,800 and $2,700 respectively. Boraie Development has been on existence for more than 30 years. They are the best urban real estate experts. Their range of services can be easily accessed through their page, (

The services include; development of unique real estates, management of properties and marketing. They have a qualified team of experts who conduct these services.

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Changing the Parent and Teacher Communication with Class Dojo

Posted on May 7, 2016 in Education

It can be tough for teachers, parents and students to all be on the same page all the time. With so many conflicting schedules, as well as the amount of students one teacher may have at a time, it’s no wonder that communication can be hard to maintain. Keeping up with homework, projects, schedules, field trips and more can be an exhausting task, especially for parents with multiple school-age children. With Class Dojo, you now won’t have to worry about missing out on all your teachers have to say.

Class Dojo is a new communication platform that allows children to connect with their teacher at the same time as their parent. This ground-up change is the newest app that is now being implemented in two out of every three schools and is quickly creating a community of togetherness. This app was developed in the hopes that it will bring the school experience home to parents, who may otherwise not be as involved in their child’s schedule as they would like. Instead of that one 15-minute parent-teacher conference, parents can now connect on a daily basis to see just what their child is accomplishing during the day, as well as checking on their social development in the classroom.

Class Dojo can be used every day by teachers to summarize the day’s events, so that parents can regularly see and understand what their child is doing in the classroom. Teachers can also take pictures and videos of the different projects or papers the kids are doing and send them to interested parents who sign up for it. The app may also allow parents to use their phones to make payments on things that they generally would have to send cash or a check in for, such as daily lunches, school pictures, field trips and more.

Creating a positive culture between the schools and classrooms with all parents is a goal that many teachers find hard to achieve. With Class Dojo, they will be able to easily keep parents up-to-date with all activities with one easy app. Class Dojo will help everyone involved to feel empowered by their achievements, and will encourage kids to keep up their good work when they know they can be monitored daily by their parents.


New CEO At Coriant Leading In New Directions

Posted on April 11, 2016 in Business

As networking and cloud hardware and software technologies improve, Coriant is leading the way to upgrade their clients. Coriant’s Board of Directors decided to turbo charge these upgrades with a new CEO: Shaygan Kheradpir. He is also the new Chairman of the Board. His first item on the agenda is helping Coriant’s clients, that are currently running legacy systems, to upgrade to more reliable and much higher speed technologies.

Coriant has every kind of customer company as clients. These clients are manufacturers, retail merchants, e-commerce, and agencies of local and national governments. All these different organizations will benefit from Kheradpir’s plans to move them to cloud computing and also the very high speeds and reliability that the new Packet-Optical Transport Systems (POTS) now provide. The fault tolerance provided with these new technologies will help companies that rely on systems for their business to stay always available. Kheradpir has established major goals and way points of milestones.

There are plenty of customers to help upgrade. Coriant’s very long list of customers are located in 100 countries. Most of these clients rely on Coriant to install and maintain their data processing facilities. Coriant earns many billions of annual dollars in revenue from integration services and installations of new hardware and software. The company has 35 years of network and computing installation and operations experience. Now in the 21st century, it is CEO Kheradpir’s job to educate and update all Coriant’s customers with the latest technology to keep their businesses competitive.

The result will not only be better reliability and data throughput rates, but also less expensive operations. The companies that Coriant relies upon to produce the components they integrate include Sycamore Networks, Tellabs, and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). This equipment and associated software are used by data centers, cloud computing, web content producers, and the legacy fixed-line providers as well as the biggest Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Kheradpir comes to Coriant from a career in telecoms, financial work, and computer networking that spans 28 years. He began his executive career at GTE telephone. He was the executive manager at Verizon, managing the fiber FiOS project to lay out fiber optic cabling across the U.S., a $20 million accomplishment.

He has a BS from Cornell University in engineering, where he was also on the Engineering Council’s advisory board. He also has both a Masters and Ph.D degrees from Cornell. He was also on the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s board.

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Sam Tabar: Why You Can Be Successful

Posted on April 1, 2016 in Running A Company

When it comes to successful people, having the ability to do your job at a high standard is something not everyone can do day after day. However, for those who can do this, tremendous success usually follows. Combining their education, experience, and communication skills with clients and coworkers, the most successful people in any industry prove to have an almost unbeatable combination. That has been the case with Sam Tabar, who as an attorney and financial analyst has established himself as a leader who has made it to the top of the career ladder and plans to stay there.

With an education obtained at Oxford University, Sam used this chance to find out about various cultures and begin to cultivate relationships that would serve him well in later years. Making many new friends at Oxford, Sam went on to graduate with Honors and obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree. After this exceptional experience, Sam decided his efforts at higher education were not finished. Gaining acceptance to Columbia Law School, he immediately went to work to earn his law degree. Choosing to specialize in contract and employment law, Sam gained experience in these areas by working as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. While in charge of this very prominent publication, Sam worked to ensure it always had the latest topics of interest to those in law and business. Because of this, he was able to learn even more about current and future business trends, which set the stage for his success in later years.

One of the smartest individuals in the business world, Sam is always able to make the most of any situation. Always ready to accept any challenge put in front of him, he knows how to take a risk and make it work for everyone involved. Whether he is acting as a consultant to executives on Wall Street or jetting to Hong Kong to introduce new marketing strategies to corporations, Sam always exudes confidence while still realizing it takes everyone working together for success to happen. Using his training in contract law, Sam often finds himself advising clients on matters involving large amounts of money used for investments. Whether it’s an investor who has millions of dollars in a hedge fund or a retiree who needs advice about their portfolio, Sam is always ready to provide answers that will help them meet their goals.  In his new position at FullCycle Fund, Sam Tabar has seen himself rise to new highs.


Dick DeVos Makes Charity a Priority

Posted on March 21, 2016 in Charitable Business Leaders

A lot of celebrities and businessmen have the ability to give. It is not like this is something that they cannot afford to do. Many of them simply just don’t do it. As with anything that one does in life, there has to be some level of priority that is linked to this action. Dick DeVos, in my opinion, has become such a prolific giver because he has actually taken the time to make this a priority. 

DeVos has managed to become the charitable giver that has taken his giving to a much higher level because he chose to build a foundation. This was the start of his high level of charitable giving in 1985. He would start the Dick and Betsy Foundation with his wife, but this would only be the beginning of his charitable donations. He would also find his way in giving with education in general. He has shown that he is passionate about this, and that has fueled a lot of talk about all of the needs of those children in the school systems. 

Dick and his wife have continued to be big givers down through the years, and I think that this has been a real inspiration. The couple became co-chairs of the Education Fund several years after they started the Dick and Betsy Foundation. In 2008, he would go further into helping students with their goals after high school by starting a Dick and Betsy DeVos scholarship. 

I have seen a lot of businessmen that just continue to get rich as they build empires, but I think that Dick DeVos is different. There is a different thread that has made him stand out from the rest. He is passionate about giving back to the community, and I think that this makes DeVos a better businessman. He has the ability to actually change communities. There are so many people that are in business just to make a profit for themselves. 

Dick DeVos has shown that he would give back to those that supported him. As the former president of Amway Dick depended on patrons to buy products that brought revenue streams to this organization. Now the people that have patronized Amway down through the years can depend on him to give back to their children and future generations through his charitable donations. Dick DeVos has become a true leader in everything from politics to charity to business that has inspired so many other givers.