Fortress Investment Group Invests in Real Estate in Palm Beach

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The Real Deal recently published Keith Larson’s article “Fortress Pays $20M for Tiffany Building on Worth Avenue.” The article reveals that Fortress Investment Group just bought another building in Palm Beach. The building has been on the market for almost two years and was nearly $1,221.00 per square foot. When it first came onto the market, the building was listed at $40 million. The listing agent reveals that this street, in particular, is one of the priciest retail streets in the whole country.Tiffany & Co has had the building since the early 90’s. Over the years the company invested millions of their hard earned cash into upgrading the building to convey a sense of luxury. They added steel doors, a Tiffany clock in the entrance and even marble floors.

The building was made in the 1950’s by the Madden Family Associates. They wanted to sell it because of family planning. Greg Matus of Franklin St represented both Fortress Investment Group and Tiffany’s.Fortress Investment Group was also featured on the Business Wire website in an article titled “Fortress Raises $1.0 Billion for Latest Opportunistic Credit Real Estate Fund.” The article revealed that the publically traded group raised nearly $1 billion to purchase the Credit Real Estate Fund. They began fundraising nearly four years ago and have received $2 billion in capital over the last year.

This Opportunities Fund is a private equity fund that focuses on investing in undervalued and distressed real estate across the country.They have also invested in real estate around Europe. It has invested nearly $8 billion in real estate around the world.Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by Softbank and is one of the world’s largest diverse global investment firms. They have more than $69.9 billion in assets and have been a major player since its founding in 1998. They have more than 1,700 clients and investors around the world in a variety of different funds. They specialize in liquid hedge funds, credit, private equity, and even traditional asset management strategies. It was also the first of its kind to be publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange


Matt Badiali Continues to Draw on His Raw Talents to Find the Best Investments

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Matt Badiali is a scientist, and, more specifically, a geologist who became an investor after a college friend suggested his skills would be right for the sector. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences while studying at Penn State University and continued his education at Florida Atlantic University where he received his Master of Science in geology. After taking the advice of his friend, he began to do more research and groundwork into the world of natural resource investing. He also began to hone his writing skills by beginning to write out what he was discovering in order to benefit others.

Matt Badiali now serves Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor and writer for the Real Wealth Strategist. It hasn’t taken him long to build a loyal following who trust his every word and rely on his experience and knowledge. Badiali helps investors to find solid energy, metal, and natural resource investments, and many of his readers report doing very well after taking his advice. One of the things that sets Matt Badiali apart from other investors is his willingness to travel anywhere to check up on his investments. He also seeks out experts who can add to his knowledge and has been to Hong Kong, Haiti, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Iraq, and Switzerland to do so. To know more about him click here.

When asked where the idea for his newsletter came from, Matt Badiali commented that it was his rare set of skills that motivated him to do so in the first place. His understanding of the natural resource world as well as finance have carried him a long way, and he is happy to be able to use these along with what he learned in college to help people. His style of writing takes his readers on a journey with him to the places that he has traveled, and he is able to communicate with his readers on a level they can understand. Badiali believes that the world is about to have a major paradigm shift connected to the kinds of energy we use. He is sure that an electric-centric model is on the way and continues to let investors know about this coming change and others.



Newswatch Gives You the Real News

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What Is All of the Hype About the Newswatch TV

Newswatch TV is a news program that keeps you up-to-date with all of the latest trends when it comes to popular news. Newswatch is different from the majority of news programs that you may watch; it offers a youthful perspective on the goings on in the world. Newswatch keeps you up-to-date with all of the latest TV shows, movies, and entertainers. Newswatch has been able to do interviews with some of the most well-known celebrities in entertainment. Apart from being a great source for celebrity and entertainment news, Newswatch also keeps you up-to-date with some of the latest technological advances. This includes information about the newest devices and also some of the most useful apps.

An Interview with the CEO of Avanca

Recently, Newswatch TV did some enlightening videos that showed some testimonials from happy clients. These interviews talked about the benefits of watching Newswatch TV. One of such testimonials was given by the CMO of Avanca. Avanca is a tech company that hired Newswatch to create a promotional segment about their company. The CMO of Avanca spoke about how grateful she was for the segment that Newswatch did about her company. She credits Newswatch with helping her company to get more valuable clientele. She appreciates the informative work that Newswatch does, and she would encourage any company to get promotional coverage from Newwatch.

You and Newswatch TV

There is so much fake news that is out there; it can be hard to find a trustworthy and truly informative news program. If you are a person who wants to get the latest and greatest news from a trustworthy source, then Newswatch TV will be the best news resource for you.


The Brains behind Wes Edens’ Trendsetting Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group has developed to a giant investment management company in the world’s telecommunication, finance, real estate, internet, car racing, and artificial intelligence industries.

The trendsetter specializes in asset management, investment consultancy, as well as the management of mergers & acquisitions. It is one of the investment companies that manage assets worth billions of dollars.

But, who are the brains behind the achievements of this investment giant?

  1. Wes Edens

Wes Edens is one of the group’s co-founder. Before establishing the investment group, Mr. Edens worked as an asset investor in Blackrock, and a managing director in Lehman Brothers.

In 1998, Wes Edens quit the executive roles to establish Fortress Investment Group. He serves as the head of private equity division, a principal department that superintends the group’s primary mission.

Besides his accomplishments in the financial industry, Wes Edens is an important figure in North America’s sports industry. In 2014, he acquired Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team based in Wisconsin. Likewise, the financial expert owns a significant stake in Aston Villa, a football club that contests in the English football league.

He is a finance and business administrator by profession.

  1. Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is Fortress Investment Group’s co-founder, interim Chief Executive Officer, and principal. Besides, Mr. Nardone holds executive roles in principal financial companies like; Impac commercial holdings, Eurocastle Investment Ltd., and Newcastle Development Holdings.

Before establishing Fortress Investment group, Mr. Nardone worked as a director of UBS, a financial manager in BlackRock Financial management, and a committee member at Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm. He is a trained paralegal.

  1. Peter Briger

Unlike Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. He was hired to manage FIG’s credit division, which masterminds the group’s real estate ventures.

Before joining FIG, Mr. Briger worked as an executive in Goldman Sachs, a position he held for 15 years. In addition, the financial expert served as the company’s Global Control and Compliance committee member.

Currently, Peter Briger serves as Central Park Conservancy’s vital financial supporters, a committee member in Forbes 400, and a member at Princeton University Investment Company’s board.

Visit his website:


Fortress Investment Group Invests in Open End Asset Fund

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Recently, the investment firm Fortress Investment Group has looked to use a direct lending fund to help provide capital to a number of investors. The firm will also look to expand by using another source of funding. This additional source of funding will include an investment in intellectual property along with aircraft leases, real estate debts and a number of other valuable assets. Within a couple of months, the entity known as SoftBank Group will close the direct lending fund. The total amount of this transaction will be $2 billion. By October of 2018, this major funding deal will be completed as a result.

In order to complete the asset fund, Fortress Investment Group needs to accumulate an amount of $500 million. So far, the firm has amassed $400 million. Due to a healthy credit market, Fortress will likely raise the remaining $100 million in capital very soon. One of the things that will help Fortress reach their goal is the advantage of private credit markets. In these types of markets, the yields are very favorable for small and medium sized companies. Another advantage for Fortress is that many companies are often reluctant to invest in open end asset funds in things such as insurance, pension plans and sovereign wealth funds.

During the last few months, Fortress Investment Group has been looking to invest in an open end asset fund in an effort to raise a certain amount of capital. The firm is looking to invest in an open asset fund which allows it to avoid restrictions on the number of shares that issues for financial securities. Investing in the open end asset fund provides the firm with an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of an unregulated debt market. While interest rates are likely to go up within the next couple of months, the firm is prepared to manage the potential risks. Fortress will extend credit to new purchasers in order to best cope with the rising interest rates. By taking this action, Fortress Investment Group will be in position to improve its financial situation and reach its current financial goals.


Sujit Choudhry Expounds on Whether the President Can Pardon Himself

Posted on September 27, 2018 in Political Points of View

The presidential seat is known to be powerful and authoritative. As for President Donald Trump, he decided to state that he has the necessary authority to pardon himself. Well, this is a statement that brought forth a lot of attention and people were even wondering how such an act was possible. In such cases, it is always good to converse with the experts who understand constitutional law among them being Sujit Choudhry. The reason for bringing the likes of Sujit Choudhry on board is due to the fact that he has extensive knowledge about the field of constitutional law. By involving Sujit Choudhry in this case, he will make use of his current knowledge to make sure that a concrete answer to the matter comes about thereby making sure that the American citizens will be knowledgeable of whether the president can pardon himself.


Background Information

Regarding the matter of whether President Donald Trump has the authority to pardon himself, the experts in the field of law have decided to amass conclusions from the constitution, source ( Since the president draws his power from the United States Constitution Article II, Section 2, this is the correct place to look for an answer to the issue revolving around whether a president has the power to pardon himself. By closely referring to the constitution, it is clear to point out that a president can issue a pardon only while serving in office. On the other hand, if a president is impeached, he ceases to hold the power to issue a pardon.


Additional Information

While referring to Article II, Section 2 of the constitution, the likes of Sujit Choudhry have come to a conclusion that referring to the constitution does not give a suitable answer to whether the president can pardon himself. With that said, the scholars in the field of law have seen it fit to dig deep into the books of history by looking into the presidential pardons that have been issued over time. The presidential pardon that came about as a point of interest was the one that was issued by President Gerald Ford to Richard Nixon, based on

The presidential pardon was issued by President Gerald Ford in favor of Richard Nixon who had engaged in some felonies that led to him handing over his resignation. In this case, Gerald Ford was promoted to serving as the president of the United States after Richard Nixon resigned. Since Richard Nixon was involved in some controversies, President Gerald Ford decided to grant him a pardon. Although this presidential pardon was issued many years ago, it still serves as a point of interest till now, click



Sightsavers Continues Towards Fundraising Goals

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The gift of sight is something many of us take for granted. After all, for most of us, the eye doctor is just a short call or drive away. In the third world countries, however, this is not the case. In fact, access to basic eye care is improbable if not completely impossible.


Cataracts are the build-up of proteins in the lenses of the eyes. While these are generally quick and easy to treat, in poverty-stricken countries they are often mean that the person who has developed them will go and stay blind. This is a tragedy for many reasons. One of them being that cataracts are fairly quick, easy, and cheap to treat.


Cataract eye surgery only takes about twenty minutes from start to finish. The lens of the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial one, one that is not clouded by the build-up of cataract proteins. Within just a few hours of the procedure, the patient’s vision will begin to be restored. The entire procedure costs less than $80.00 to execute yet millions of people around the world are blind or going blind from cataracts.


Sightsavers is an organization that is dedicated to the restoration of vision all around the world. They have performed over six million cataract surgeries since they opened, trained over 1,000 surgeons, and actively work to help restore the vision of both children and adults all around the world.


In 2017, Sightsavers raised over 302 million dollars. This was its highest ever rate, raising over 50% from last years.


According to the sight-savers website, over twenty million people worldwide suffer from cataracts. This staggering statistic generally does not affect first world countries because eye care is so readily available and the procedure itself is fairly cheap as far as medical procedures go.


Sightsavers is changing lives internationally and will continue to do so if these generous donations keep coming in. If you would like to donate your time or money, visit them online today at Their goal is to perform over one million cataract procedures by the end of 2018, and they are well on their way to doing so.


This charity is bringing back one of the most priceless gifts: the gift of sight. Thanks to them, people from all around the world are returning to their day to day tasks and experiencing a much higher overall quality of life.


Charlamagne Tha God Doesn’t Mind Criticism

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Rap music is special, unique, and difficult to write. Rappers attempt to capture each thought, find the best angle, make it personal, compile it, and perfect it. Eminem released his album, Kamikaze, in which he criticized The Breakfast Club and Charlamagne tha God. Charlamagne is a well-known radio host and author who talks about pop culture and social issues. He recently criticized Eminem’s use of a homophobic slur against Tyler the Creator. Eminem said on his album that Charlamagne was gonna hate on him no matter what he said.

Charlamagne didn’t think of the lyrics as a diss, but instead felt that Eminem must have been thinking about his criticisms for a long time. He thinks it is cool when someone gets immortalized on record. He thinks Eminem is one of the greatest lyricists. Eminem also targeted Joe Budden and Drake.

Charlamagne’s legal name is Lenard Larry McKelvey. Charlamagne Tha God wrote “Shook One” and the New York Times bestseller “Black Privilege.”

He also owns CTHAGodWorld LLC. Platforms gain credibility and recognition when they are called out by talented people. It is like when an angry customer writes a review that is critical of a business. It may make the business worry about the impact on its sales and the effect on the brand’s image. To deal with the problem, the business needs to figure out how to handle the situation. Visit This Page to learn more.

Never ignore the problem, but instead respond professionally and responsibly. Next, shift the narrative and take the high road to show that the brand is trustworthy. This will lower the risk of losing customers and improve the chances of gaining new ones. If a person is getting negative feedback, try using humor. Charlamagne Tha God doesn’t hate, but he tells the truth.


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The making of Peter Briger the Philanthropist

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Peter Briger is a well-known business leader who lives in California. He is a graduate with a bachelor’s of Arts from Princeton University. Peter Briger achieved his master’s degree in Business Administration in Pennsylvania. Before joining the Fortress Investment group he worked with Goldman Sachs where he was part of management committee and Global control. His fifteen year experience in this company equipped him with the necessary experience before joining Fortress Group. He joined the organization in 2002, and is still a member of the company to date, where he is a manager responsible for assets worth millions of dollars.

Fortress Investment Group is a company which deals with investment management across all continents. The headquarters of this firm are located in the United States,and its main focus is on both private and institutional investors. The firm operations across the continents handles investments worth almost 70$ billion. When the firm went public via an IPO in 2007, he became a billionaire. Currently he stand at position 407 on the Forbes list. Fortress Investment Group is known for its culture of offering extensive training to its employee’s in order to enable them improve on their skills set. It is also known for its motivation of employees.

Peter Briger is a philanthropist, he is well known for his role in community based activities. He is always ready to support the society at any given moment. Peter Briger is a board member for a non-profit making organization known as tipping point. The firm is known for helping the less fortunate people in San Francisco. He is one of the sponsors of central park conservancy where he has donated over half a million dollars. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt.

He is a great supporter to many causes that deal with the provision of education and poverty alleviation, but likes to keep such information private. Since he is a philanthropist, he has funded many programs, such as professorship at Princeton University. Peter Briger came up with a program which was meant to assist graduates to venture into the business world and to enable them to be able to start off their business careers. Many graduates have since benefited from his programs since he is interested in seeing others succeed.

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Ted Bauman’s Experience and Expertise is Indisputable

Posted on September 17, 2018 in Businessman Financial Expert

Ted Bauman is the editor of the Bauman Letter and Plan B Club as well as Alpha Stock Alert. He specializes in asset protection, privacy, issues related to international migration and strategies that apply to low-risk investments. In that case, he is knowledgeable in investing, and he shares his expertise through the articles and letters he publishes which makes him a valuable asset to Banyan Hill Publishing a company he joined in 2013. Before becoming a part of Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman served as an editor at Smart Money Alert, a consultant for universal governments and the United Nations and director in International Housing Programs. In his writing, he addresses the topics he feels affect his readers most and interestingly does that as he touches on real-life experiences. Additionally, he appreciates that people ask questions especially regarding the economy which means they pay attention to his columns. Having worked and lived in South Africa, he gained a lot of experience in fund management when he served in profit and not for profit projects.

Ted Bauman is a graduate of the University of Cape Town where he attained postgraduate degrees in economics and history. With such a rich background in his education, he has been in a position to handle issues professionally and skillfully. Regarding the future of individual wealth, he is keen to advise people on how to protect their wealth from unexpected market crashes. One thing that stands out is the fact that one has to be aware of what the market offers and remain vigilant lest end up incurring losses that would have been prevented. Ted Bauman as well advises individuals to invest in stocks and bonds to protect their wealth as they would rarely drop in their value more than physical cash. He is as well a philanthropist which he does by using his expertise in funding of housing projects in South Africa. The fact that he stayed in South Africa for more than twenty-five years means that he understands their needs and works towards assisting them. In that case, he started a foundation known as Slum Dwellers International which has been of assistance to more than fourteen million individuals in 35 countries worldwide.

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