Neurocore Med-Free Depression Help For Teens

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Depression in teens is not as common as depression in adults, but that does not mean we should not pay attention to it. Unfortunately today, the stresses of middle school and high school life have led to more depression across the United States. Neurocore centers on the east coast can provide Med-Free Depression help for your teen or the teen of someone you know. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Teenagers brains do not stop growing until they are in their twenties. While in their teens, there is a lot going on in their heads. A focused teen in activities makes for a happy teen, as well as good sleeping patterns, and healthy eating habits. Even these things though, can sometimes not be enough. It is important to know your teen well without being overbearing to see signs of depression.

Often teens will not tell you they are depressed. They sometimes do not know themselves. It is important to know that teens can have low moods and be exhausted. These may be temporary feelings. Depression is when these moods and tiredness just don’t go away. Some signs of depression are a loss of appetite, low self-esteem, grade performance drops, alcohol or drug abuse, a change of friends, self-harm or complaints of body aches and sickness. You can always contact Neurocore if you suspect your teen is depressed and they will help the behavioral changes in your child. Read more about Neurocore at

The professional team at Neurocore will work with your teen to find the root of the depression and come up with a detailed personal plan to help your teen get through their depression in a med-free way. Neurocore may not be able to help every depression of every person, but it is an excellent start to find out what is going on.

If you suspect your teen is suffering from depression for any reason contact the professionals at Neurocore. They are kind professionals dedicated to combat depression one person at a time.


Matt Badiali- Senior-editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

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Matt Badiali is an investor and a financial expert in the United States. He is one of the people who has made a huge impact in the financial industry by creating opportunities which have not been available in the past. Not many people know that there are lucrative opportunities in natural resources. It is one of the sectors which are ignored by the people for no good reason. One of the challenges that still face the people today is lack of knowledge on the opportunities they can take advantage of in such fields. Unless one is a professional in the mining industry, you might not even be aware of the opportunities available in the country.

Matt Badiali is in the industry to help those who might not be able to spot opportunities for themselves. He has been in the industry for a long time to understand the dynamics of the mining operations in the world. He can spot opportunities on behave of the people who follow him. He is a professional in the mining sector as he holds a bachelors and master in related fields. He has a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science and a masters in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. With this level of education, he clearly understands the dynamics of the industry better than most of the ordinary investors.

Matt Badiali will help you make profits from the industry by scanning the opportunities for you. All you have to do is follow his recommendations, and you shall be good to go. Matt Badiali is so good at his job that it won’t be a problem making money from his recommendations.

Recently, Matt Badiali has been all over the media due to a program he is calling Freedom Checks. A Freedom Checks program is for everyone who wants to make money. It involves investment in companies known as MLPs. These companies are found in the energy and gas sector. Matt says that they are on the verge of making a huge payout to their investors. $34.6 billion shall be paid out to investors who will have invested in MLPs in the next one year.

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Nick Vertucci encourages others through his successful life

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When one gains profound knowledge about a specific area, it is wise to pass that knowledge to the next generation for the benefit of preserving it and benefitting from it. Nick Vertucci’s NVREA (Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy) is precisely depicting this through its excellent work of equipping investors with the necessary skills to infiltrate the real estate business world.

Nick Vertucci is an epitome of success today though his story has a lot of ups and downs. In his recent book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed, he shows his determination to rise above the various challenges he faced in his life on his way to the top as an entrepreneur. Born from a low-income family, it would take a great effort to become who he is today.

In his book, Nick Vertucci relates how he began a tech business that failed with the rise of a new age of technology in the beginning of the 21st century. With massive debts, he joined the real estate world, investing in single rental houses at first. Nick relates that he had to overcome his fear and change his mindset concerning life after. This change of thinking began when he started the real estate business where he made many mistakes. He developed a mentality that no matter what came his way, he could fight it and continue to pursue his dreams.

After ten years of being in the industry, Nick established NVREA in 2014. He has a philosophy that he’d like to sell to any investor bound for success. The success philosophy indicates that one has to see their vision in what path of career they choose, believe that it is achievable, come up with strategies for materializing it and then take steps to see that it is fulfilled. Every journey begins with one step, so is a vision’s journey.


James Dondero – a philanthropic businessman

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There are many people who are successful in their lives but not everyone has a passion to give something back to the society and make it a better place. And James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, LP based out of Dallas, Texas is a perfect example of it. He has a lot of passion towards the community, especially in the Texas region where he and his team work relentlessly to bring about positive changes in the lives of everyday Americans. With an excellent academic background and an extremely illustrious career, he has never backed off from improving the Dallas community. Visit to know more about James.

One such example is the restoration of the hippo habitat in the Dallas, Texas region. Back in the early 2000s, there used to be huge visitor population at the Dallas Zoo, but with the demise of an elderly hippo, the management decided to close the habitat. This was a huge shock as well as an utter disappointment to the public as they could never get a glimpse of their favorite animal. Even after repeated recommendations and requests, their efforts did not seem to make any significant progress. But once this came to the notice of Mr. Dondero, he was quick enough to empathize with people’s emotions and worked with other philanthropists and donated $14 million to restore the habitat. He personally donated a million dollars of his personal wealth to make sure that the long-awaited efforts of the public did not go in vain. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Mr. James Dondero has been at the forefront of noble causes even while excelling in his career. He has worked with some world-class organizations including American Express and JPMorgan Chase & Co. he is one of those individuals who believe in execution more than just the idea. And he follows that principle religiously when he shaped a mere idea into a billion-dollar business. Because of his unique traits relating to his business acumen, he is highly regarded in the professional community. Last but not the least, he is a household name in the Dallas, Texas region where he has the unconditional support of the public.



Talkspace: The New Face of Therapy

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Talkspace is an online and mobile therapy company founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank. In 2012 the pair came up with a mission to create a serve that would help eliminate the stigmas associated with mental illnesses. Their end goal was to help provide mental health services that would be available to everyone in this on the go world. The company may still be considered new but over one million people have already signed up for the service.

To begin the mission the founders of Talkspace needed a way to reach more people, and they needed to provide the same safe environment that clients would receive in an office. This is when the online version of therapy was born. The service is offered today through the use of computers, smart phones, and even tablets. With many safe guards for clients in place the site users will receive the same guaranteed confidentiality that they would receive in any brick and mortar office.

As Talkspace is still in the growing process they have partnered with many corporations. New Directions is just one of the many newer businesses to partner with them. This company already helps many different individuals with behavioral health services to help them balance career with a personal life.

Cultural Vistas partnered in 2017 with Talkspace to help provide mental health services to their clients while they travel around the globe. This company actually won the Innovation Award from for this very partnership in June of 2018.

A well known swimming champion named Michael Phelps saw the potential of Talkspace and signed with the company to help promote it. This decision came around after Phelps suffered through his own mental health problems . The internet based therapy company and Phelps are in hope that showing the world that people from all walks of life can have mental health problems may encourage them to seek the help that they need.


A Map Of The Average Teachers Salaries

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The financial people at How Much put together a map showing the average earnings of middle to high school teachers across the state. They got the numbers from looking at data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. As you may suspect, when looking at the map the numbers range all over the board. There are places where teachers get a good paycheck and places that were not as good.

The highest paying state for teachers was New York with an average salary of $81,613. The New York teacher website confirms this number for teachers who have a masters and years of experience teaching in a school. New teachers earn $56,711 If they only have a bachelors degree, and $63,751 if they have a masters with no previous experience.

The second on the list was Alaska with an average salary of $80,627. In Alaska, the beginning pay seems to vary from district to district. The salary for high school teachers seems consistent with the map How Much put together. The highest paying teacher position in Alaska seems to be English language and literacy teachers getting an average of $85,380. The lowest was preschool teachers only earning $ 35,120.

The third highest paying school on the list is Connecticut with a salary of $78,567. The numbers seemed consistent for a teacher in Connecticut that had taught for at least six years. The bare minimum salary for a teacher with a bachelor degree and no prior experience ranged from $ 37, 500 to $58,500.

The lowest paying state for teachers was Oklahoma at $40,530. It is not surprising considering the strikes the teachers have recently held there over pay. The minimum a teacher can make there with no experience and a bachelor’s degree is $31,600. A teacher with years of experience and a masters degree can only hope to make $44,950.

The second lowest paying state for teachers was South Dakota at $41,570. The minimum a teacher can make with a bachelor’s degree and no experience is $37, 680.

What we can learn from the map How much put together as while some states are doing great at giving teachers the pay they deserve. There is still a huge pay difference in some states.


Students, Per Studies, Don’t Perform Too “Hot” When Forced To Be In Hot Classrooms

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Believe it or not, some schools across the United States of America don’t have access to air conditioning, even though the country has the greatest economy and is generally considered to be one of the best educational landscapes across the globe. As if common sense didn’t prove it to be true already, recent peer-reviewed research indicates that students forced to learn in classrooms without working air conditioning perform significantly worse than their more-fortunate counterparts who are granted the luxury of air conditioning.

According to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research that placed average classroom and schoolwide temperatures aside standardized test scores, students exposed to comparatively warmer classrooms don’t perform as well as those in schools with lower temperatures.

While such research certainly doesn’t suggest that administrators, teachers, or maintenance workers should force kids to learn in environments that are freezing cold, it’s safe to assume that the phenomenon it found holds true on both an ongoing and interim basis – students exposed to classrooms without air conditioning for just a few hours don’t perform well, nor do those who spend most or all of their time at school in classrooms with no air conditioning over the long haul.

The National Bureau of Economic Research study compared weather data published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), pronounced like the biblical name “Noah,” with scores on the PSAT, or the practice version of the SAT, a test commonly used to determine college readiness.

More than 10 million students’ scores were used to make the aforementioned assumption. Further, they had to have taken the PSAT at least two times. All data concerns students in schools from 2001 and 2014.


A Smile And A Handshake Can Be Beneficial To A Child

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Besides the basic core subjects that are taught in school, children learn many character education builders that could benefit for the rest of their lives. As children grow, they remember some of the little things that a teacher instilled in them. They are inspired to keep up certain positive behaviors that are practiced in the classroom. Establishing routines and , and practicing them on a regular basis helps small children maintain good character traits. Teachers have different ways of getting through to their students. Repetition is one of the key components for ensuring that students learn a desired behavior.

A kindergarten teacher in a North Texas school has a sure way of teaching her students that there is someone who cares, and is willing to be your friend. The teacher expressed that starting every day with a handshake and a smile will teach her students good manners , which is rarely seen in today’s society. The Fort Worth kindergarten teacher posted a video of her students as they did their morning greeting, and it has since gone viral. Each student gets the opportunity to be the daily greeter. The other students line up outside the classroom to give the greeter a handshake and a smile before they enter into the classroom. Your text to link…

Many people can look back to the days when they were young elementary students and recall some very important practice that helped shape them into productive citizens. There was always a favorite teacher who stood out in your mind as being the one to make the biggest impression on your formative years. Ms. Bales, the Fort Worth kindergarten teacher, hoped that her practices would help with her student’s development. Wanting a child to grow up with a strong sense of what it means to be friendly, polite, and courteous to others, is what teachers, and parents alike, desire for their children. Children take with them many positive influences from their teachers.


United States Public Schools Can No Longer Afford Librarians

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Federal data has revealed United States public schools are unable to afford librarians. Schools have lost nineteen percent of their librarians from 1999 through 2000 and from 2015 through 2016. This is the largest decrease since the 2008 Great Recession. The minority districts have taken the hardest hits. 75 percent of all districts retaining their librarians have been white since 2005. The librarians lost in the twenty districts comprised populations of 78 percent students of color. The library sector in the public schools has not come back and minorities are being hit the hardest.

The loss in certain states was worse. Florida has 67 school districts. There has been a 27 percent drop in librarians since 2005. Some school districts have no librarians left. There are libraries being run by paraprofessionals but the cost begins at $14.60 each hour. Budget cuts are decimating librarians with Master’s degrees. They are being replaced with less qualified positions. School administrators have risen 28 percent, instructional aides 19 percent and counselors 11 percent. The hope is administrative positions will be available for the unemployed librarians. Support staff decreased from 46,000 to less than 26,000. This is a decrease of 45 percent occurring at the same time there was a decrease of 20 percent in the librarians. For additional details please visit

It is hard to use data to pinpoint what the future impact will be from the loss of librarians in public schools. Recent studies have revealed the academics of the students are negatively impacted. A 2011 nationwide study showed the reading scores of 4th grade students dropped when the librarians were lost. A study conducted in 2012 focused on Colorado. The correlation was very similar. From 2005 until 2011 the schools with endorsed librarians or those that maintained their librarians had more students achieving an advanced reading level. The performance of these students increased much more than the students in schools with no librarian or that had lost their librarian.


Michelle Obama Gives Princeton Students a Word of Wisdom and Pictures from her Past

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Senior Princeton students recently graduated this past May. During their graduation ceremony they were visited by former first lady Michelle Obama. She had encouraged the students to be brave and don’t give up on their schooling. Mrs. Obama also told them that she was scared during her college years.

Mrs. Obama attended Princeton in the early 1980s. She was one of a few black students on the campus at the time. She was also the first-generation college student in her family. The former first lady first few years at Princeton was very tough. While things were challenging for her at Princeton, she did not give in to her situation. Instead, she gained support and made friends. She also did her best to fit in. Eventually, Mrs. Obama made progress and settled into the school.

The Huffington Post featured an article about this story back in May of 2018. During her lecture to Princeton students, Mrs. Obama shared with them some past photos from her life. She is now 54-years-old and she showed the audience pictures from her youth. In one photo, Mrs. Obama is standing on a couch with her dad and mom. She was no older than 6 or 7 in the picture. The former first lady said that she learned a lot about life from her mom and dad. She stated that her mom taught her how to think for herself and to use her voice. She credited her dad for teaching her how to laugh often, work hard and to keep her word.

Another important message that she gave to students was that they should not use excuses not to complete their schooling. Getting an education is very important because it helps to improve a person’s quality of life. Mrs. Obama wanted the students to succeed and to become productive members of society and strong supporters in their family. She also told the students that she would be sharing more photos from her life with them. She did this for inspiration and to show them that anyone can make it in life.