Inside Hussain Sajwani’s Life And Visions

Posted on January 9, 2019 in Businessman

A visionary in magnificent real estate investments and a model of excellent fiscal management is exactly how DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani could be described. Based in Dubai, UAE but also owning top tier properties globally, Sajwani has built an immense portfolio worth billions and at times has even defied expectations against market predictions while doing so. What’s made his properties stand out is that he’s partnered with some of the world’s top luxury brands to build them including Versace and the Roberto Cavalli Group, and he’s attracted quite a few investors since taking his company, DAMAC Properties public. Sajwani has also bought up a private equity firm, an insurance company, and building supplies franchise, and he’s been featured in many Arabian business magazines and real estate awards shows over the years. He recently was given the title “Real Estate Legend” at one such event.

Hussain Sajwani came from a working family in Dubai at a time before the city became the immense gem of beauty in the Middle East. However, he did earn a prestigious education and attended the business school of the University of Washington where he received his bachelor’s degree. Sajwani started off working for an oil company, and then built a catering business which is still run by him today and in which he was already making millions of dollars, but it was only the beginning as he saw a huge market growing in real estate when the 1990s came around. He bought up a few mid-level hotels before becoming DAMAC owner in 2002, but it became apparent by 2005 when his first property was completed that his company was set to grow rapidly.

Hussain Sajwani kept his properties within the UAE prior to the 2008 recession, but after coming through that at a time when many firms had to shut their doors, he expanded his investments to other countries. Moving first to Beirut, then to places like the Republic of Maldives and now London, the DAMAC owner has moved to markets where he’s recognized real luxury housing demands coming from. Also no secret about Sajwani is his respect for now President Donald Trump and his family with whom he has done many vacation home and golf course projects, and has even had many social visits to Mar a Lago. Sajwani has also gotten involved with both UAE government projects and non-profit initiatives to support natural disaster refugees, help the homeless and support technical education for Arab students.

Freedom Checks Highly Popular Financial Strategy To Safeguard Your Financial Future

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Achieving your financial targets can become much simpler and more comfortable if you have someone to guide you in the right direction. One of the leading financial advisors who are trusted by hundreds and thousands of people in the United States and who have worked for various leading business organizations in his career is Matt Badiali. The financial advice provided by Matt Badiali is to the point and backed by research and the latest market updates. With the help of technical analysis that he does Matt can identify the investment opportunities that are present in the market. The financial recommendations made by Matt Badiali are backed by years of research, knowledge pool, and experience.

Matt Badiali has been making into the financial news lately, and it is because of the economic strategy that he proposed has become highly popular. One of the financial plans that have gained considerable popularity since Matt Badiali released an advertisement holding Freedom Checks is where he asks the readers to invest in the Master Limited Partnership Companies. Matt Badiali says that MLP companies are the one that has been granted the freedom by the government to be tax exempt and in return share majority of their profits with the shareholders. So, if you invest in these companies, rest assured you would get good returns on a regular basis that would safeguard you financially. It is these returns that you would get from your investments is what Matt Badiali likes to call Freedom Checks.

If you want Freedom Checks too, do follow the advice by Matt Badiali and more on it can be read in the newsletter he is editor of by the name of Real Wealth Strategist. The newsletter is published by Banyan Hill Publishing, where Matt Badiali is currently holding the designation of senior editor. He decided to work for Banyan Hill Publishing after spending years in the finance sector to share his experience and knowledge with the familiar people and not only the elite class. Many people are subscribing to real wealth strategist these days and following his Freedom Checks strategy. It has proven to be helpful for people seeking financial freedom.


Igor Cornelsen’s constant progress in the investment field.

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The greatest inheritance parents in any field could leave their successors is a wealth of knowledge and skills on how to become the best in that particular area. This is especially true and reveals a great deal of selflessness when an investment expert in the area of finance decides to empower others by sharing information that will help others to succeed in the field. Igor Cornelsen is a perfect example of such an individual.

Igor Cornelsen’s aim of helping upcoming investors is so that people will gather as much information as they need to help them on the journey and that they will not make the same kind of mistakes he did as he climbed up the long ladder. Igor started as an engineering student in the Federal University of Parana. Later he felt drawn towards the field of economics and therefore switched courses.

Igor Cornelsen secured his first job at a bank where he mainly dealt with numbers. He worked for Multibanco in Rio where he quickly stood out due to his excellence. In a short time, he became the bank’s CEO. Igor has also served in the boards for several banks including Libra Bank Plc, Unibanco, Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, among others. All of them grew considerable due to his invaluable contributions towards their growth. It was while he was in Standard Chartered Merchant Bank that Igor thought of starting on his own.

Bainbridge Investment Inc. is the excellent work of Igor Cornelsen. It is the embodiment of his expertise collected over the years. From Bainbridge’s foundation, he has continued to man its investments. The investment firm was established in 1995 with the aim of improving the world’s economy. According to Igor Cornelsen, his success is not just a result of wishful thinking but a consistent behavior of extensive researching, being open to new ideas and persistence.


A Recap of Vijay Eswaran’s Professional Life

Posted on December 30, 2018 in Business Leader

He is a successful entrepreneur and has invested for more than two decades. One of his main achievements was the establishment of the QI Group of Companies in 1998. The company offers an e-commerce platform with a wide range of investments including telecommunication, education, and logistics. Vijay Eswaran acquired his university education from reputable institutions in the U.S and the United Kingdom. At the university, he gained valuable skills that have helped him to get employment from multinational firms such as IBM where he rose up the ranks to serve in the company’s senior organs.

According to Vijay Eswaran, working at different organizations gave him a good opportunity to improve his managerial skills and that has helped him to expand his businesses. QI Group is currently ranked as one of the best performing direct selling companies in the world. The firm has offices in different locations including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. It has several subsidiaries in more than 30 nations around the globe. He has been invited as a guest speaker in many international forums including the World Economic Forum and the Common Wealth Business Forums to share his inspirational business story.

Other than business, Vijay Eswaran is passionate about giving back to society. Through his company, QI Group, he launched a non-profit organization known as the RHYTHM Foundation. The foundation has helped vulnerable members of society around the world. In his home country, he founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation which engages in activities such as mentorship and helping women to achieve their full potential in both their personal and professional lives. Forbes recognized his philanthropic efforts in Malaysia in 2011. The businessman is also a successful author and one of his best works is titled In the Sphere of Silence which has then been translated into different languages.


Nick Vertucci Is An Accomplished Poker Player And Real Estate Investor

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It is always inspiring to see an individual that is a success and is also self-made. It takes a great deal of effort in order to start and run a successful enterprise on one’s own. Nick Vertucci is a self-made millionaire through his real estate investments and house flipping, which he started back in 2000. An unfortunate disaster caused Nick Vertucci to start over and one of his first choices was real-estate. If it had not been real estate, it probably would be been poker. Since 2004, Nick has been an active poker player in the professional scene, entering himself in tournaments and winning relatively high places when he finishes. These days more than ever, Nick is putting his focus on the professional poker environment, alongside his real estate work.

Even before the time Nick became a real estate investor, he was playing poker as a past time. After winning 8th place in his very first real tournament, Nick Vertucci was confident in his ability and kept on improving his poker skills, at least partially while he did his real estate investing. Nick has not made a fortune by playing poker by no means, but he has won tens of thousands of dollars over the years for placing relatively high in his tournaments. Obviously, Nick Vertucci is not hurting for money and he doesn’t need to worry about making first place given that he is already a busy man, but tens of thousands of dollars is still impressive when most people who play only lose money.

Nick says that he has learned many lessons as a real estate investor that have helped him on his journey to being a better poker player and vice versa. The uncertainty of both fields is what Nick Vertucci understands most. It is always a guessing game and the better guesses he makes, the more success he is able to achieve.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci:


Is the RealReal Really Real? Oh Yeah and here’s why!

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Is the real real instagram online consignment shop really real!? Today, I reviewed the Instagram page for the real real consignment shop. They had wonderful authentic pictures of all of the latest luxury designer items from Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and Chanel just to name a few. The aesthetics of the page was pleasing to the eye and would definitely have you checking your bank account to see what luxury items should be added to your closet. Especially the first picture on the page, which promotes the new platform gucci all white gucci sneakers. The real real is offering a resale of the sneaks for half the price! Wow what a steal! Not to mention they have 193k followers on instagram! Impressive! After reviewing the comment section, I saw a few comments expressing their experience with the site but majority of the comments were followers commenting on how much they loved the item in the picture rather than their experience. I do have friends and family members that follow the page and I was so tempted to press the like button on a few of their more expensive items. Overall, I was convinced that it was a legitimate page to purchase luxury items. So if you’re looking for luxury items for half the price. I would definitely purchase items from this online shop. From my observation the real real may be a legitimate shop and I would definitely pay half the price for luxury items. Why not be fashionable on a budget!


The Best Two Head Honchos At InnovaCare Health

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Nine people make up the highest level of InnovaCare Health. The squad collectively brings upwards of 120 years of experience. Several members of this nine-man team have spent decades among the upper echelons of healthcare management. Dr. Richard Shinto, a three-decade veteran of practicing medicine and a 20-year vet of serving InnovaCare Health.

Dr. Shinto is quite active outside of his career as a physician. For example, he’s been on America’s Health Insurance Plans’ board of directors since 2017. The Board of Directors for America’s Physician Groups has hosted Dr. Richard Shinto, as well as the Financial Solvency Standards Board for the California Department of Managed Care.

He’s never written a book, but he’s found his way into the columns of newspapers and magazines countless times over his career. Dr. Shinto went to school at the University of California at Irvine, where he netted a bachelor’s of science. Shinto then secured a medical degree at New York’s very own State University of New York at Stony Brook.

As if Shinto felt that those two degrees weren’t powerful enough to get him somewhere, he enrolled at the University of Redlands, too, where he finished with an MBA.

Daniel E. Straus is the Chairman of the Director’s Board at InnovaCare Health. Richard Shinto is the only member of the executive staff to hold a spot on the board of directors. Six other long-time businesspeople familiar with the healthcare management trade make up the board of directors of InnovaCare Health.

Arguably the second-most important employee at InnovaCare

For the past 42 months, or three-and-a-half years, Penelope Kokkinides has been the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. Three years prior to the start of her second stint with the business, she ended a six-year streak at InnovaCare as its Chief Operating Officer.

Penelope Kokkinides has a lot more under her belt of experience, like being the Chief Operating Officer of a clinic called Touchstone Health. She has also been affiliated with AmeriChoice, a subsidiary of the health insurance giant UnitedHealth Group.

She said in an interview with Idea Mensch that email is unarguably the most important computer program she uses. Penelope Kokkinidea also suggested that people read motivational speaker Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why.” It’s also said that she is a fan of the news network STAT News. Kokkinidea also shared that Becker’s, Politico, and CNN were some of her favorite news sources.


Nick Vertucci Has Combined Poker With Real Estate

Posted on December 19, 2018 in Businessman

Nick Vertucci is well-known for his investing accomplishments, but he has actually been a big name in the poker scene for quite some time now. It seems hard to believe that Nick Vertucci could be a good poker player given that he is in real estate and has put in so much time for his success. Not only did he just release a book on real estate known as Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed, but he has his own real estate academy as well. Despite this, Nick Vertucci has remained an active poker player for more than two decades, playing casually and professionally in tournaments around the country. Nick believes poker has even influenced his own approach to the real estate industry.

By playing poker for so long, since before he even began in real estate, Nick has been able to improve his ability to read what other people are thinking and their intentions. This is especially true going against some of the best players out there today. Just like in poker, real estate is a lot of predicting what is coming next in the market and what the other person’s move is with a property. There are few other exercises or games out there that are able to work on this skill like playing poker can. Since Nick began playing poker, he has been doing it with the intention of getting better and succeeding, regardless of him playing casually.

As a poker player and a successful real estate investor, Nick Vertucci has become quite the popular figure in the United States. He has a successful real estate business, a real estate academy, and a semi-pro poker career. To top it all off, Nick Vertucci is a writer and has just published his own book to help others on their journey to success.


An Insight into the World of Isabel Dos Santos

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The world of business and pretty much any other sector of society has seen a rise in female leadership in recent years, something which is not very prevalent in human history. The world has felt the need for female role models for young girls to look up to, and the requirement has been fulfilled most adequately, and today several influential women can be seen working hard in their respective fields and inspiring young woman to work hard to achieve their dreams. One of those prominent, influential women of the world is none other than Africa’s Isabel Dos Santos.

Born on April 20th in the year of 1973, and navigating through a tough but clear path to success, Isabel Dos Santos is currently known as ‘Africa’s Richest Woman’. In the year 2013 Forbes Magazine estimated her net worth to be roughly three billion US dollars making her Africa’s first Billionaire woman. Isabel Dos Santos appears to have a natural talent for business which is where most of her wealth comes from as she bought stakes in several major companies in time which later paid off and her qualifications have also allowed her to be the chairman of several major companies herself. Isabel Dos Santos has also built various businesses of her own and often describes the beginning of her entrepreneur journey as when she sold eggs on the streets. (twitter)

However, Isabel has an eye on much more than just financial stability and likes to use her example as an inspiration for all young women in Africa and wants to use her influence for the betterment of the African community. On her official website, Isabel Dos Santos has published several articles discussing the importance of strengthening the African community and explaining her experiences visiting universities and speaking with young African children, quoting “to lead is to serve”. Isabel Dos Santos has also spoken to students at Yale and was included in the list of 100 most influential women in the world by BBC in 2015. Isabel Dos Santos believes that the development of the African continent is her priority as Angolan Business Woman.


Neurocore Does What They Should Do

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Neurocore has a revolutionary way of looking at things. Instead of pumping people full of tranqs and other types of medications, they work with people to fix their problems. They take various approaches to determines what people’s problems are, and how they can fix those problems. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore hooks people up to machines that measure their vitals and brain activities. They also sit people down in front of movies and coach them to get through times when their brains stop working. When people watch the movies, their brains may go astray due to certain types of diagnosed problems, such as ADHD or depression. By working through the moments when their minds go astray, people become more attuned to their minds and bodies. Instead of telling people to gobble down loads of pills, Neurocore tells people that, yes, they can work through their psychological problems. Medications don’t actually fix problems, they just cover problems up and serve as a crutch. In fact, many medications give people more problems by affecting their minds and giving them addictions.

Nowadays, doctors get kickbacks for prescribing medications to people when they don’t need them. It has come to the point where some doctors act as “opioid mills,” subscribing opioids to whoever comes their way. Neurocore knows that this is the evil path, and that the best way to treat people is to treat them on an individual basis. Each person’s problems are different, and you cannot do things with a one-size-fits all approach. A lot of repetition and positive reinforcement is used in order to make people’s problems diminish. After patients have been treated, they are further evaluated in order to see how much progress they have made.


What Neurocore does sits in stark contrast to what conventional doctors do because it solves the problem, instead of keeping the problem going. It does what traditional psychologists and counselors do by learning about each individual. However, it takes what they do a step further by taking vitals and giving more feedback. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.