The School System In New Orleans Needs Some Fixing

Posted on December 10, 2017 in Education Education News The School System

Some parents feel that the school system in New Orleans is not good enough, and that their children are not getting the proper care that they need. New Orleans’ school system is one of the lowest ranked in the country when it comes to achievement. This has especially been a huge problem ever since hurricane Katrina ravaged the area in 2005.

Due to the not-so-great reputation of New Orleans’ schools, a great many parents opt to send their children to private schools. Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot afford to send their children to private schools. These children end up attending charter schools.

The city of New Orleans developed a district that was all-charter. An enrollment system called “OneApp” was made to gather information about students and place them in schools. Parents and students have a difficult time understanding this system, and it seems that even the city has a difficult time understanding it. New Orleans has invested in a complex system to transport children to schools.

There are a bunch of education non-profits that use wholesome-sounding words like “community stakeholders” to make it look like the education system is working out perfectly.

Some schools are more in demand than others. The application process for these schools is long, tedious and cumbersome. When it comes to getting into the more desirable schools, nepotism plays a big role in whether or not people are accepted. These schools are exempt to the process that OneApp puts people through.

Many parents feel that there should be more done for their children. Their children shouldn’t just be prototypes—test guinea pigs—for a new style of education system. Their children should be given the personal attention that they need. Each child should receive individual attention and critique, and there should be dialogues going on between parents and teachers. Children should not just be ignored, looked at as numbers and carted off here or there. There needs to a serious change in the New Orleans’ education system, and the first step is human contact—not a lifeless app or fancy words.

Why the Senate Should Expand the 529 Savings Program

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As part of the tax plan that is going to the floor of the Senate and which will be decided upon by Senators, there should be a provision to help lower income and middle-income families save for public education on a tax-exempt basis. There should be a plan for expanding the 529 savings program.

The 529 savings program allows families to save for the college education of their children with tax-free income. Many states further expand the program to exempt that income from state taxes. In the House of Representatives’ tax plan, there is a provision to expand the 529 savings program to include savings for private and religious schools, as well as apprenticeship programs. As the tax bill goes to the Senate, they should also include this expansion, according to The Hill.

The 529 savings program should definitely include apprenticeship programs. After all, not everyone needs to go to college to start a good career. Many students would benefit greatly from attending an apprenticeship program that would prepare them for a career that pays well. If we want to help American students prepare for the future, we should be giving them as many options as possible and not be limiting them to a four-year college degree.

However, the Senate tax plan does not include this expansion. It only includes an expansion to allow families to start saving for the 529 program starting from pregnancy as opposed to from birth.

Dozens of organizations across the United States and education activists have urged the Senate to includes this expansion in their tax bill.

The only ones opposed to this expansion are people like the teachers’ unions. They argue that it will take away money from public education, but that is simply not the case. After all, this new expansion would only cost around 60 million dollars a year, while public education receives 700 billion dollars a year from the federal government.


Charter Schools Are Not Held Up To The Same Construction Standards As Traditional Schools

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There are strict guidelines put in place for how public school buildings are constructed. These guidelines exist so that buildings are safe to be in under a variety of circumstances. For example, in the state of California, public school buildings are supposed to be constructed to meet certain guidelines that ensure that they are safe to be in during earthquakes.

However, privately owned charter schools end up being exempt from these important guidelines. This is a big deal because the government gives charter schools money. If government money is going into the construction and operation of charter schools, then why should charter schools be exempt from building guidelines?

Being exempt from the same building standards as traditional public schools opens the door to the existence of privately owned charter schools that are structurally unsound and deadly for students to be in. For example, even if charter schools prep their students for what to do during earthquakes, the students can still be in a lot of trouble if the structure around them collapses.

When hurricane Irma romped through Florida, people sought safety in well built structures such as government buildings and schools. There are 654 charter schools in Florida, yet only 3 were suitable to use as shelters because charter schools were not subjected to construction guidelines that would make them safe during hurricanes.

If public funds are going to charter schools, then it is not okay that only 3 out of 654 charter schools in the state of Florida are able to protect citizens during hurricanes.

Charter schools should be subjected to the same building codes as traditional schools. Where and how they spend their money should be made more transparent.

Many educators, parents and politicians herald charter schools as being revolutionary in the world of education. They say that traditional schools are wrought with so much corruption that true progress is not possible. Proponents of charter schools say that charter schools are good because they are testing grounds for new educational methods. This may or may not be true, but the problem about the charter schools not following building standards needs to be ironed out.


American Museum of Natural History Seeks to Create Better Exhibits By Appealing to Senses

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The American Museum of natural history has set in place up to eleven interactive galleries that will make you feel your senses. That is a series of practical steps that will give you a different perception of the world around you. Man perceives the universe through the five senses. Anything outside the usual functioning mechanism of your senses usually escapes our attention. What we see for example in plain colors is entirely different when perceived in ultraviolet light.

As you walk through the Our Senses exhibition, you are welcomed by white blocks stacked on one another. Without you being at the correct angle, you will not realize that the blocks have something hidden in plain sight. This first exhibit is meant to make you understand the power of your brain which is very crucial in the synthesis of perceived information.

Meant to test your sense of sight, a series of alternating light colors give you a feeling of what vision could be like without light. As the colored lights keep alternating what you see on a wall ahead keeps changing from green leaves to a blue baboon. Infrared viewers mounted on a stalk enable you to see what the snake sees in its world of reality.

The next thing after exploring your sense of sight is a look into your sense of hearing. You are presented with a device that demonstrates how sound pitches are perceived in your ears and how they are affected by advanced age. Then you enter a room where you are exposed to the tricks that help you figure out how your body maintains balance. As you enter the room you are exposed to a conflict between what your eyes perceive and what is really there. Next comes a gallery that demonstrates your sense of touch by allowing you to put your hands on all types of textures. Then a sense of smell gallery, where it’s all sorts of scents some good and some not so good.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Excellence as an Entrepreneur in the Real Estate and Medical Industries

Posted on December 6, 2017 in Doctors

Dr. Mark McKenna, the founder and CEO of OVME, was in September this year talking to Ideamensch. Among the things he shared with the readers were his career background, entrepreneurial motivation, daily routine, and his future both as an entrepreneur and as a medical practitioner.

The Interview

McKenna explained that after spending a decade in the medical aesthetics sector, his entrepreneurial instincts kicked in. He established a medical firm, managed it and developed it, eventually attracting the attention of an established investor. Although he sold the company, he was able to nurture his business skills as well as to identify the unending business opportunities that he has been keen to exploit ever since. Ideamensch also sought to know how Dr. Mark McKenna has managed to get a majority of his ideas materialize. He revealed that meditation is a strong virtue in his life, mainly because it is through it that he plans on how to execute his ideas. He also noted that he visualizes a lot. Bringing visualization and meditation together, his ideas rarely fail.

Many aspects of McKenna’s life came out clearly during the Ideamensh interview. To begin with, it was evident that he dislikes smoking particularly basing on his confession that he is excited to see smoking levels go down amongst Americans. Another thing that was revealed is that McKenna has never been employed in his life- his entire working life is underlined by self-employment. Thirdly, Dr. Mark McKenna revealed that he keeps the company of people of a relatively higher intelligence levels. According to him, it is advantageous to be around smarter people because they help one to grow in business.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a family man who loves his daughter with a passion. Among the things he does as a daily routine is to feed his daughter. He told Ideamensch that the first two hours of his day are dedicated to a breakfast session with his family.

About Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. McKenna is a proud scholar of Tulane University Medical School and is certified to practice as a doctor by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Before founding his first ever company, McKenna Venture Investments, the doctor was practicing alongside his father in New Orleans.

Besides McKenna Venture Investments and OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna has launched and managed other companies such as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. He also has a good record in New Orleans’ real estate industry.


How Modern Medicine Is Giving Hope to Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as CFS is popularly becoming a norm in most economies around the world today. With the fast paced lifestyle of most people, CFS is increasingly becoming rampant in most people regardless of their age. At one point in time, most of us has experienced this condition with the vast majority of us opting for a peaceful right rest to get rid of the pain. While in most cases, such rests helps to regain the body back to its normal functioning, in most cases it does not offer a permanent solution.

Modern science has come a long way in offering solutions to some of the common health problems we face in the modern world today. When it comes to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you are rest assured that you will get the right kind of help with the right treatment. One treatment mechanism that has been effective when it comes to CFS has been Stem Cell therapy.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is mostly associated with neurosis of the nervous systems specifically the central regulatory centers. This is after the zonal activities that are responsible for inhibitory processes get inhibited. Causative factors for CFS vary widely from chronic diseases, industrial waste emissions, viruses and ecological factors. The above factors therefore put the likelihood of most individuals in danger of suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndrome at an all time high. Despite this news, the good thing is that modern medicine can offer the best solution.

Even with Stem cells being in a position to treat CFS, it’s not as easy as it may seem. This process requires an individual to invest their time in finding the best possible stem cell therapy center for their needs. A huge spectrum of factors ought to be considered including the equipment and expertise level of the care providers.

Thanks to modern medicine, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be a thing of the past. Invest your time and resources in finding the best solution for all your chronic pains.


No Crime Like Lime Crime

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People of fashion, beware! Now your lips and your eyes can be a dangerous duo, thanks to the recent release of the Diamond Dew liquid eye shadow from Lime Crime. This is intended to be an extended line of the Diamond Crushers lip topper; which people just could not get enough of. However, now there is no cause for concern, because there are enough sparkles for everyone!

They’re coming out with 10 different shades of color, ranging from a teal blue for those that want to walk on the wild side, to an iridescent pink for those who just want to be pretty. And this new product isn’t limited in style either. People are already coming up with bold ideas to use it as body glitter, which is such a great idea. Since it’s a controlled glitter, you won’t wind up finding sparkles all over your body for weeks afterwards. Instead, you can have some artistic friends draw up pretty designs on you so you can look magical underneath those lights. And when the partying is over, all you need to do is wash those Diamonds down the drain. Of course, that’s with the pretense that you put more on tomorrow.

Some have also thrown around the idea of using Diamond Dew as hair glitter. Which could really become a fabulous fashion statement when paired with the Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color. With winter fast approaching, the Moonchild Unicorn Hair and Tearful Diamond Dew would look amazing together. Needless to say, the options are seemingly endless with all of the color choices, but each one could make all the difference on a night out. All of Lime Crime’s products can easily become essentials to those that enjoy sparkles and vibrant colors.

The prices of Diamond Dew are reasonable with sales going on now. Lime Crime is making it possible for everyone to have valuable Diamonds, so that they can be walking around shining and sparkling for the whole world to see. Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend anymore, they’re everyone’s.

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The Future of Public Education – How Should it Be?

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A recent article on Forbes about Public Education Vs. Public Schooling brought out a lot of insight on the difference between the two. Most people assume that the two are synonymous and yet schooling just happens to be one method of education. Once we separate mass schooling from public education , we won’t be stuck trying to reform just one arm but instead opening up to different methods of education.

Public schooling was founded on the industrial model and is slowly losing relevance in this new economy that increasingly values creativity as opposed to conformity. Knowledge workers now have their seats on the high table kicking out factory laborers. Mass schooling has become outdated in a time in history where the Industrial Age has been replaced by the Imagination Age. What public education needs is a model of learning that taps into the innate capacity of human beings that’s self-educative.

Ivan Illich wrote a book called Deschooling Society that talks about de-institutionalizing learning and instead focusing on decentralizing education models which support learners in educating themselves. So what’s the solution? Education webs that increase the opportunity for every individual to transform every single moment of his life to be a learning opportunity.

One example of the educational webs is the public library. Libraries are community-based learning hubs that are non-coercive. They offer lectures, classes, ESL lessons, cultural events, mentoring opportunities, computer courses among other activities open to the general public. If one library doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can easily look for another one that will suit your needs. This is an example of public education done right offering eager learners with all the tools they require to better themselves. We should move away from public schooling and more towards public education that caters for all and opens up ourselves to endless possibilities for learning.


Education at Stake in New Tax Bill

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The debate around public education will never end. There are many thoughts on what is best for the public education system in the United States. With the new tax bill in the Senate, many people are worried about the future of public education in the United States.

If the bill is passed in the current form, there are many children who will have reduced access to education. One of the biggest issues with the modern education system is the fact that many students do not have access to basic education.

Cost of College

Another major issue in the United States is the cost of college. The United States government does not provide a lot of financial assistance to students who want to attend college. Although the government is involved with approving student loans, some people believe that these loans actually do more harm than good.

In the coming years, the cost of college is simply going to become too much to deal with. There are a lot of people who are looking at alternative career options due to the cost of college. In the current tax bill, this problem is only going to get worse according to many education experts.

Private Education

There are various public school systems across the country that are simply not meeting the needs of students. Some parents can afford to send their children to private school instead of a public school.

However, the vast majority of parents today cannot afford this option. This means that some children are stuck going to a school that is not helping them build a strong education base in their life. This is another issue that some politicians want to resolve.

The current tax bill is a heavily debated topic. There are many people who believe the bill will have a hard time passing through the Senate in the current form.


Fabletics is a Perfect Fit

Posted on November 30, 2017 in Fashion

If you have a TV, it is likely you have seen Kate Hudson in a commercial for her company Fabletics. But what you may not know is that this new activewear line has grown to a $250 million dollar company in the past three years with the help of its subscription style service and its reverse showrooming. Fabletics has found a way to turn browsing into a positive by encouraging their customers to shop in store or online, retail has become part of the shopping experience. Fabletics isn’t concerned about whether their customer buys instore because their retail brick and mortar stores are just another element of their service. They also make the transition between in person and online shopping seamless by placing items in your online shopping cart when you try it on in the store. Fabletics reports that 30%-50% of the people who browse their stores are already members and 25% of non-members become members. Fabletics is also using their consumer data to cater each store to their existing members.


Kate Hudson had been heavily involved with Fabletics since the founders of the TechStyle Fasion Group approached her to be their partner in their new athleisure brand. Their hopes were to create a brand that was stylish, but also reasonably priced and they knew Kate would be the perfect fit. Kate is not just the face of the brand but actually reviews budgets, is involved in design, and looks at the sales numbers each week. Kate has been striving to create activewear that encourages women of all shapes and sizes to workout and be active, and she proved this through adding plus sizes to the line earlier this year. Kate understands that you can’t please everyone and the company has faced a lot of negative feedback but has stayed true to its business model and continues to be a pioneer in its market. For just $49 dollars a month, a member receives an entire outfit that fits their personal style and preferences.


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